Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sunday Sketches

Here's a little idea I'm currently working on.  It's been in my head for several weeks now, but not quite going down on paper as I'd like.  So, we'll see how it transitions here and there, in between the ongoing custom orders over the summer break.  I do envision it eventually being a watercolor to give it that soft, childlike feel.  I'd love to hear your ideas of what to add, change, etc.  :)

On another note, I've been feeling a bit under the weather tonight.  From roommate issues, the stress of my upcoming move (lease is up) and some ongoing pain in the left side of my jaw.   Sigh.  Oh dear me.  Bring on the comfy sofa, throw blankets and the perfect cup of tea.  Uh huh.

I'm looking forward to visiting everyone this week and hope you're all doing well.

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This week's participants:
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  1. Lovin' your new sketch...can't wait to see the colorful patchwork quilt. Comfy and cuddly for sure! Hope things look up for your soon...just a little detour at the start of June! I'm sure it will be back on track and even better than before!

  2. That's such a sweet scene. Alexandra. It reminds me of my girls when they were little. Blessings!

  3. Snuggling with a hot cuppa sounds perfect for our weather too at the moment. Your sketch is sweet and will be nice to see it with colour addded! Hope your jaw feels better soon :-) xo L.

  4. Lovely sketch, looking forward to seeing it with some colour! I hope the sofa, blankets and tea worked their magic and that you're feeling a little more upbeat now!

  5. I love your little girl and her bunny sketch. it is perfect the way you have it, just waiting for that touch of color that you give so lightly and just right! I sunday afternoons as a young girl, snuggling under comfy quilts like yours, to take a Sunday afternoon nap!

    I am sorry that you are not feeling well tonight. I hope you sleep good and wake up feeling much better tomorrow. You are one talented little lady!!
    thanks again, for sharing your talents and for hosting the Sunday Sketches. I look forward to it each week.
    Have a great week,

  6. Such a cute little drawing. I really like it.

  7. Sweet and lovely sketch! Hope you will feel better soon! <3

  8. sweet new sketch Alexandra. Sorry your head is buzzing with roommate issues and the like - hope it sorts itself out when you complete your house move.

  9. I love the happy little faces peeking out from under the blanket in this sketch. They're really lovely :)

    Linking up some work in progress this week - thanks for hosting!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  10. great start to a cute sketch! Hope you feel better soon Alexandra, go check on that jaw.

  11. this is so sweet and so relaxing!!!! love it!!!!

  12. The pain in your jaw is probably a result of stress induced grinding of your teeth at night! A cup of tea...something soothing IS probably in order!

  13. What a sweet sketch! I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. *healing sparkles*

    ♥ aquariann
    Art Update: Steampunk Frog Sketch

  14. I love the quilt on the bed with child and bunny. Sounds like you might well be drawing yourself in there, as you could use some warm nurturing comfort a soft quilt can give. Hope all these ills right themselves soon.
    Thanks for doing Sunday Sketchers, I sure appreciate it.

  15. Oh I think it's cute...not sure what advice I would give. FEEL BETTER GIRL! I've had a cold the last few days. I have so much to do and NO time for this dumb cold! xoxo

  16. This is such a sweet drawing. I like it just as it is but the soft color you add will make it even more special. Hope that things are going better. It sounds like you know just what to do to make your troubles disappear.

  17. hello,
    your sketch is quite sweet
    sounds like it might be a perfect thing for you to do while you are not feeling well
    i hope your jaw pain heals and is not serious.

  18. this is a great start on a new project! I hope you are feeling better soon. hugs to you.

  19. Love your sketch and I think watercolours would be just the ticket. Hope you feel better soon... :)

  20. What a sweet and cozy looking sketch! It is very pretty. It's odd, but I too have been having pain in the left side of my jaw. Mine is improving though. I've been thinking mine might have been due to grinding my teeth possibly, I don't know. I hope yours feels better soon. Moving stress can also be harsh, I hope that resolves itself positively too.

  21. Hope you are feeling better soon. I gather that is you in bed ;) I look forward to seeing the array of colors you choose for the watercolor painting.

  22. I hope your jaw is ok! There is nothing worse than having pains in your mouth! All the best on your move! I love your drawing! I think she is adorable in bed with her little bunny! They are having sweet dreams ;o) Take Care and Be Well!

  23. Oh, I hope you feel better soon!! I get jaw pain too mostly from stress which causes me to grind my teeth! lol I love this super cute sketch!! Cant wait to see it in color! :)

  24. Your sketch looks so lovely.Hope you will feel better soon.

  25. Ha...
    Een mooie zondags schets,onder die deken daar wil ieder kind onder slapen
    ik ben benieuwd naar de kleurtjes?
    Ik houd van deze kindertekening!
    Heel mooi!!!

    1. Thank you very much, Christiene! It will be fun adding the color!
      - Alexanra :)

      Ha ...
      A beautiful Sunday sketch, under that blanket there wants every child to sleep
      I'm curious about the colors?
      I love this child's drawing!
      Very nice!!
      Get well soon.

  26. What a lovely peaceful sketch! I love the little rabbit's patchwork ears :) Hope you feel better soon! I'm feeling a bit run-down myself therefore I missed yesterday's sketching time. I'll try again for next week!


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