Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Sketches

Good morning and welcome to another week of Sunday Sketches!  Hope this little note finds everyone doing well.  I've been a little under the weather the last day or so.  Ugh.  Still don't quite feel like myself today either.  :(

The sketch above is one of many different Wendy Love series sketches that I've been working on.  She needs a little fine tuning and am looking forward to tweaking her and Mr. Turtle.

Happy SS everyone!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rubber Ducky and Friends

My eyes are getting heavy as I sit cozied on my comfy little, sofa tonight.  It's been a strange day and one of "testing" it seems. I've been trying to focus on overcoming a specific mindset and it seems the more I challenge myself to do so, the harder it becomes.  Grr Every feel that way?  One thing I do know, strength is not gained by giving up, so I will continue to persevere.  Uh huh.

On another note, I worked a little more on the caricature for my friend and it's coming along quite well.  I started the watercolour above, while allowing part of the other WIP to dry.  I had so much fun doing this one and am starting to feel that my best watercolours are when they're strictly free hand. (As this one is above.) Meaning no pre-drawn lines to follow.  I just pick up my brush and begin to paint.

Pick a fishie or duckie and squeak away!  :D

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Sketches - Complete!

My apologies for such a delay today.  I had an unexpected opportunity this weekend to visit with an old friend I had not seen in about 12 years.  It was quite enjoyable giving them a tour of the lovely, cozy area where I live, along with catching up.  On top of this, I was very ill a good portion of the weekend.

If you remember, a few weeks ago I had posted my doodle/idea for a caricature of a friend that is heading to India soon to do missionary work for a year.  This is the final approved design which I've started to paint and looking forward to the finished piece.

I do that everyone is having a lovely day.

This week's participants:
Please sign-up below to submit your sketch for this week, which will also allow others to stop and visit.  And please make sure to visit others and comment on their work as well.  This is a community co-op where we're here to encourage one another in art.  Thanks!  :)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

A splotch in time

Got a tune stuck in your head?  Well, go ahead and belt it out for the world to hear, even if you're a little out of tune.  You never know if the person next to you is in need of a smile...or a laugh!  Ha!

This is one of my recent splotch art doodles.  I threw out all of the rules for making art (not that I ever really abide by them in the first place!) and had a wonderful time creating this piece.

So come on.  Let's join the splotch singers for a song or two or maybe play fetch with the green, cuddle splotch puppy.  Hee.

For more Paint Part Friday art, hop on over to HERE.  TGIF!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Special Projects & Blessings

It's raining here tonight.  The storm clouds continue to roll in over the horizon as the day slowly comes to an end.  I love the smell of the air right after a summer rain shower and how soothing it feels when it touches my face; like gentle kisses.

I've been pushing myself the last few days, up and out of a pile of emotions.  Last night felt like a "breakthrough" to me as I sat at my little antique desk and sketched out a second draft of the little missionary boy as well as a new project I am working at the request of a dear friend back home.  (See above)

Life can sometimes feel overwhelming and complicated at times, but it's comforting to know that through those moments I have wonderful friends like each of you and a God above that I can lean on.  Thank you.

[Holds out a hot cuppa and gives a toast to all of her bloggie friends.]

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Sketches

Hello and welcome to this week's Sunday Sketches.  I apologize but with all that's been going on the last few days, I've not felt like drawing/painting the past 24 hours or so.  I'm sorry my bloggie friends.

There are some complications/delays with my father's surgery.  In fact, I just received an update not long ago (Saturday evening).  Please continue to pray for my father as he's really having a very difficult time accepting the reality of things.  Things are not good with his condition and I'm struggling at finding the right words to help him stay positive in all of this.  Ugh.  Tears.

Anyway, I hope that the rest of you still participate.  It will be lovely to visit everyone and see what they've done.  Hugs to all.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I believe in you

(Click on photo to see all detail.)

"I love you, daddy.  Don't give up."

Those were the last words I said to my father as I hung up the phone earlier this afternoon.  Large tears streamed down my cheeks as I slumped forward; head into hands.

My father  is now scheduled to have yet another major surgery day after tomorrow (6/15) and will have his bowels redirected (again).  The doctor also plans to conduct several biopsies as he's concerned with how slow my dad's healing process is going, along with the loss of appetite (again) and the constant sleeping.

I tried to be strong for my dad as he expressed his fears through anger, then finally through tears to where he could barely speak.  I felt utterly helpless, my friends.  Utterly.  (Tears welling up again) So, as I sat at my little antique desk twirling around my emotions regarding all of this, I pulled out my paintbrush again to paint something for my dad.  (See above)

I believe in you, daddy!  You can SOAR anywhere you want to go, sick or not.

[This is where I walk away from my desk/blog and out into the rain to hide my tears....]

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beyond Grateful

It's a quiet, cozy evening here.  As I sip on one last hot cuppa the sun waves its rays for a final good night before settling down beyond the horizon.  Can you say, peaceful?

There's been a lot on my mind these past few days.  My father has two appointments this week where the doctors will determine the next steps regarding his care/treatment.  One is whether he will undergo yet another major surgery to redirect his bowels again as he's had 4 blockages over the last couple of weeks.  Sigh.

I pulled out my watercolours and quietly painted this evening as I tossed out misc prayers to God above regarding my dad and others.  I won't complain.  For one thing, my father has made it longer than any of us expected.  And today, a big financial blessing came my way that will take me out of the financial hole I've been swimming in due to the unpaid time off previously taken to assist in taking care of multiple things for my dad.  These are just a few of the little miracles that have touched my life these past few weeks.

Thank you to all of my lovely bloggie peeps who have stretched out your arms and love in many different ways, to support me in ways you could have never imagined.  May God return to you double for what you've sprinkled on me.

So, although some days feel like they will never end, I am grateful far beyond I could ever express.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A pocketful of kindness

I had a new neighbor move in about a week ago and she is so incredibly sweet.  My heart went out to her as she shared some of the recent things she's had to face in her life.

As I was taking a walk early this morning, I felt this nudge in my heart to do something special for her; something that would encourage her and put a smile on her face. This is what I came up with and presented to her not long ago.

The biggest smile formed on her face as she expressed her gratitude and how much it blessed her.  Awww. :D

Please do lift her up in your thoughts/prayers.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Red dresses and the 4th!

Good morning and happy 4th to all of my wonderful bloggie friends.

I thought I'd share with you a photo of me when I was 1 year old in a darling red dress with my father's parents. Love this photo!

Anyway, wshing everyone a wonderful and safe holiday. :)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday Sketches

Photo sadly lost...

I didn't get my "C" completed this week but I did manage to finish my "Home is..." WIP.  I'm actually quite pleased with the final results and considering doing a Home Is series.  What do you think?

Happy SS, everyone.

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Friday, July 01, 2011

Paint Party Friday and splotches

Photo sadly lost..

I’m excited to be a participating in another Paint Party Friday.  Yeah! I wish I could say that I’ve jumped in every week, but other things going on have not allowed me to at this time.  Hopefully soon!

Anyway, here is my contribution this time around.  Kristen shared a few weeks ago her splotch monsters inspired by Steve at “a splotch monster a day”, and I’ve been wanting to give it a shot myself.

So here is my splotch monster fishy…can you spot the “hidden” things within this watercolour splotch?  Hee

Happy PPF! :D
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