Saturday, April 19, 2014

No Sunday Sketches this week

Hi everyone, this is Alexandra's husband. Sorry, but there will be no Sunday Sketches this week. Alex was in a bad car accident Friday and is on the slow road to recovery. Whilst being OK overall, (thank God!) she is in a lot of pain as you might imagine, especially being unable to take the pain meds at the moment (allergic).

The doctors are telling us she has a severe concussion and head injury from hitting her head multiple times, which will seriously impact her thinking, speaking, concentration and more, as well as pretty extensive neck, shoulder, hip and leg damage.

The EMT's told me at the hospital the only thing saving her life were her side airbags. Alexandra was not only hit from behind, shoving her jeep in a foot and splitting all 4 car doors, she was then shoved into oncoming traffic to only be hit 5-6 more times from the front and side.

Again, this will be a very long road of recovery for her but are thankful she's alive and still with us. I'll post updates on her Facebook page as often as I can. Thank you. I know she appreciates you and this creative outlet so much.
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