Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Introducing Dory (my pa-doodle)

After taking care of a very sick puppy all morning and part of this early afternoon, I sat down to put to paper a familiar saying to many of us, constantly swirling around in my mind - "Just Keep Swimming!"  Good ol' Dory, from Finding Nemo, often makes her way into my heart and mind, pushing me through some of my challenging days.  Silly, but oh so true.

Above is my heart tribute to Dory. My very own, "Pa-DOODLE" = Doodle + Paint.  Hee Hee :)



  1. just keep swimming...
    sorry pups is not feeling well...
    hope he feels better soon...

    taking the summer off from school?

    1. Thanks, Brian. He's doing better this evening finally. And yes, taking the summer off but signed up and ready for classes this Autumn. Woot! I move again a week from Saturday - roommate free! ;)

  2. Cute drawing and I'm sure all your challenging days will pass soon. Hope your puppy get better soon :)

  3. The fish you have painted is such a positive and funny character! I smiled as well back to him when he smiled at me this morning :) I wish your puppy will feel better soon!

  4. Cute pa-doodle! And a good sentiment to keeo in mind on those tough days :) Best wishes to you and your pup!

  5. So cute!! I think that when I'm at the gym (not a big gym fan here). I'm sorry your pup wasn't feeling well. I hope he's feeling better soon.

  6. I will for sure keep swimming ;o) This doodle is so precious!! I love it!!

  7. Lovely! Hope your puppy is better soon!



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