Saturday, June 29, 2019

NEW journey & NEW life!

Well, it's been wayyyyyyyy too long since I've been out here. A long 7 months, in fact! I think the last time I was out here posting my illustration work, we had just moved to Kentucky a few short months prior. And now, we're in California! Yes, you head that right. C.A.L.I.F.O.R.N.I.A.

Our move to Kentucky was filled with a lot of joyful things, such as helping out my mom and step-dad, some pretty cool freelance work and me getting the opportunity to work for an amazing clothing boutique....but it was also filled with some pretty deep heartache. Several other things we had moved there for never came to fruition. Including, never having our own home. As I sit here and write this, my heart aches deeply as we've not had a place to call our own in 11 months! Talk about feeling uprooted for far too long. It changed us. Overall, for the good of things. Some smaller things...those will take time for the heart to heal.

We are now relocated to California, just a wee bit northeast of Sacramento and close to M's family now. It's certainly a big change emotionally and culturally, moving from Kentucky to California. Many things are different at the moment for us. We went from a fairly social coffee life to having none at the moment. It's a bit scary picking up and moving again in less than a year. For me, it's the idea of having to make friends - all over again! We still don't have our own place so nowhere to truly set up my studio to work on the projects currently on my plate. With that comes emotional and physical exhaustion. I've been struggling big time in getting back on my feet emotionally but am hopeful after a few more weeks, we'll have adjusted to the 3-hour time change, weather and more.

To answer your other burning questions.... "What have you been doing these past few months?!"  I'm still doing children's book illustrations but have cut back on that area a little so as to allow time to dive into other areas of the design and illustration world. Our stay in Kentucky has allowed me the opportunity to work on designing clothing, editorial illustrations, posters and more. Plus, Michael and I launched our own business, Londonberrie! It's been a work-in-progress but is starting to grow and we're excited!

To close things for now, here is a peek at some of the new work I've been doing. And of course, you can always find me out on social media - specifically Instagram.

Got any other questions about our move, work, etc? Leave me a comment and I'll reply as quickly as I can. :)

~ Alex
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