Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Sketches & serious recovery

It's been an extremely long week here in my cozy end of the world as I've been on a long battle of recovery with my health since last Sunday afternoon.  By the time Monday morning came around, I found myself sitting in the local ER, waiting to be treated.   Two hours later, I was sent home with a prescription for a strong cough medicine in hand.  That was it!

Two days later, I visited my family medical doctor only to be diagnosed with bronchitis and severely injured ribs/muscles from violent coughing spells.  Since then, I've been confined to bed, struggling to recover and regain my strength.  Let me tell you, it's not been a pleasant journey at all!

Tonight (Saturday), is the first day I've been able to sit up fully on the sofa to read, write, etc.  It's been nice but I can tell I still have several more days of recovery to follow.  But, I'm here and hoping everyone else is doing well.

Please enjoy the first perspective sketch above, for my independent study at school.


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  1. HUgs sweet friend..awww...wishing you well..hope you feel better and sparkling real fun..hugs..take good care of yourself!
    Love your sketch..wonderful..and your dazzling the dots on them!
    Wishing you a wonderful wkd..get well soon!

  2. you have had quite the time of it this winter, but hoping you are seeing the last of all this... and hope you take care of yourself and get better soon... maybe Spring will be around the corner and will help you feel great again...xx

  3. I am sad to hear you are ill and going through a rough patch!! hope you get better asap!!! wonderful new sketch!!!!

    1. Gosh you have been having a hard time health wise this year! I hope things are going to get better for you very soon. I love your sketches they seem to be going really well. Hugs ManonX

  4. Glad to hear you are on the mend, gosh sounds awful what you went through. Lovely perspective sketch anyway, happy SS and thanks for always hosting.

  5. That sounds so awful! Hope that medicine works quickly, sounds like that bronchitis did a number on you!! Great sketch!

  6. Oh dearie my, I'm sorry to hear about your health! *healing sparkles*

    Nice sketch ... now I want croissants for breakfast tomorrow! ;D

    ♥ aquariann
    Art Update: White Rabbit Painting

  7. Feel better soon dear lady. That must be some cough you've got going there. Stay warm... Spring will be here soon....

    Gentle hug - so as not to hurt your ribs!

  8. Oh dear you've had it really tough! Get better real soon now, stay well cosy and plenty rest! Hugs your way! xx

  9. Oh no. Poor you..that sounds so rough for you. I do hope you get better really soon and make a speedy full recovery. Take care, drink lots of coffee and make more lovely art:)

  10. Aww, Alexandra, hope you get well soon! And, this drawing should mend your appetite, because it is making me hungry! :-) sending you lots of healing thoughts!

  11. Sorry to hear you've been so ill. Sounds horrendous that you injured your ribs from coughing so violently. I hope you're on the mend now. This is my first week ever participating in Sunday Sketches as I've seen so many of my fellow art bloggers with your button on their sidebar and now finally I'm getting a chance to join in.

  12. Sorry to hear you're ill, hope you'll feel better soon.
    Lovely drawing.

  13. I'm sorry you've been so sick! This aweful cold has been going around here and my grandkids both had it. Thankfully you are on the mend now! I'm loving the yummy looking rolls and coffee you sketched this week. Thanks for hosting SS!

  14. Glad you are on the mend...I had something like that last September and it totally wiped me out. No fun at all. Sweet drawing of your coffee and treat! Be gentle with yourself and thanks again for this Sunday Sketchers link.

  15. Oh poor you, hope you are feeling better by now! Take it easy now and give yourself time to recover! Lovely sketch and thank you for hosting Sunday Sketches! <3

  16. I hope you feel properly better soon. That must have been some cough to have caused bruising.

    Thanks for hosting :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  17. Dear Alexandra, I hope you get well soon! I send my best wishes to you! Great to see that you can already do again such a lovely sketch! Many thanks for hosting the Sunday Sketches!

  18. Can't think of a better way to recover than sitting with a sketch book and some goodies. I hope you are drawing that from life.

  19. Hi Alexandra
    Thank you for your very kind comment. I will be back:)
    Have a good week

  20. I love your sketch very much! I think my Grandpa used to go to The Coffee Bean in Salem, Oregon! :) Haha. Anyway, I think your sketch is really great! Thanks for hosting this wonderful link up every week. I have found some really amazing artists to follow, and talk with. I appreciate it very much!

  21. I am so sorry you've been ill. Hopefully you are on the mend and will be as good as new very soon. Your sketch is awesome!

  22. Hope you are feeling better soon :)

  23. I'm so happy you are on the road to recovery now.
    Love the sketch.

  24. I'm celebrating an anniversary too, with my sketch today!

  25. My friend, I am so sorry! Please take care!!! I am sending healing thoughts your way! Your sketch is wonderful! I hope you are in bed sleeping ;o) Sweet dreams ;o)

  26. here's to a health filled week and forward!


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