Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Creative Tuesdays - Skyscrapers

I've decided to hop on board the bi-weekly art co-op, Creative Tuesdays.  It's a wonderful, fun co-op where a theme is provided and participants have two weeks to create a new piece of art (paint, drawing, sketching, collage, etc) based off of the theme.

This round's theme is skyscrapers which definitely challenged me to completely step outside my comfort zone.  I think it's quite magical, incorporating my signature hearts in the midnight sky for my glowing, yellow stars.


For more inspiring art, visit here.  Make sure to check tomorrow (Tuesday) as well.  Participants have until tomorrow night to sign up.


  1. Lots of stepping outside our comfort zones with this theme, but just look at what you did! Wow! Do more!!

  2. Love your signature hearts...and your skyscrapers!

  3. those yellow hearts reminds me of balloons besides stars. wonderful interpretation and I like that you used colors for the buildings.

    speaking of signatures, I do like to somehow add umbrellas & rain to my drawings, although not all are consciously done but it couldn't be helped.

    have a sweet day.

  4. This is so pretty! I love the hearts in the sky ;o) My friend, I forgot to post about your doggy name contest! Darn it! I have to check if I am too late!

  5. Hi Alex, it's so nice to see your lovely work in our little co-op. Beautiful bright and fresh skyscapers with your signature hearts and colours, perfect. I'm envious of the colours in your paint pallete though.

  6. It is a wonderful drawing! I am going to check into the challenge when the new one arrives.

  7. Alexandra, I love how you added the colours to the buildings against your heart filled sky. I had to laugh though reading your feeling challenged and pushed when a lot of your work is a lot more complex than this! Ha. Anyway, thanks for joining in this time around and adding your signature style!

  8. I love that painting but dare I say I am also in love with your watercolour set!!! That's neat and I really want to get my own. Well done on challenging yourself, I have discovered that getting into groups that provide themes is a fantastic way to do more than you would normally do!

  9. I love the colorful skyscrapers! The atmosphere on the picture is wonderful especially because of the little hearts falling from the sky. And I love it to see your watercolor set beside it. It inspires so much!


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