Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Name that Doggy contest!

I've (accidentally) created a new character while doodling last night.  Per a lovely friend and follower on my Facebook page, he's now officially been converted to a 4x6 greeting card. You can purchase this little guy here.  :)

With that said, I'm pretty sure he's going to become a regular character.  Therefore, I've decided to hold a contest - "Name that doggy Contest".

Here are the rules:
For each step you complete below, your name will be dropped into the drawing hat.  Make sure to leave me a link to your page, should you post an announcement there so I know to give you the extra name count.

1.  Leave a comment on this post with a name you feel fits the little doggy above.
2.  Post this on your blog, linking back to mine, announcing the contest.

Note:  It doesn't have to start with a "B".  Any name is fine, as I can change his dog collar.  :)

PRIZE:  A box filled with misc goodies such as art supplies, chocolates and your own original doodle of the doggy above.

So, have at it and SPREAD THE NEWS!

Deadline:  Friday, March 29th by 5:00pm MST.


  1. He looks like a Barkley to me. Cute lil guy!

  2. it seemed you've already started with a 'B' on his collar so I think 'Buck Rogers' as in the tv series. he's looking at stars, perhaps 'Bucky' which I just looked it up to be a comic book hero. I'm terrible with coming up with names but if given a list of choices, I'll probably able to choose.

    anyway, have a great day.

  3. How about "Buddha"...especially if his life is going to on prints and cards with uplifting and inspirational saying on them.

    This card is very cute.<3

  4. My first thought was "Pal" although if you want to keep the B then "Buddy" but that's a pretty common name for a dog.

    I think he kinda looks like a Jake.

  5. Snoopy is the name that came to my mind. Then the 'B' on his collar made me think of two names: Bruno or Browny. He looks adorable.

  6. So cute! What a great idea too - how about "Art?" xoxo

  7. What an adorable doggy! You're a very good artist. I wouldn't refer to that as doodling. Anyway.....the minute I looked at him, my own beloved dog came to my I suggest his name: Vern! It's definitely unique, huh?! (He came us with that name. We rescued him from a shelter and he's an older guy!)Thanks for this great contest!

  8. I'm awful at names....'Lucky'?

  9. I love this little guy! The first name that came to me was "Perk" ;o)

  10. He IS cute! Astro? Budrick? (I LOVE that Barkley though!) Canter? Digger? Eelo? Fetchum? I'm going through the alphabet! LOL

    Grandma Nancy Sapp

  11. He looks like a Max to me! :D he is so so cute! :D

  12. So cute...thanks for visiting! With the "B" I think Barkus is cute :)

  13. OH I love your new creature...he looks very cute indeed ^_^

  14. Adorable...before I read the post....but saw the dog...I thought of the name Corbin!
    I have no idea where it came from....just happened!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. What a sweet and positive little guy! So charming. I think his name should be Barkie!

  16. He is Hector! he is so cute!

  17. he is adorable ~ i wonder where his adventures will take you?


  18. Bruce Button, Little Papa Klein...I don't know why these names came up in my mind, but he's cute and looks adorable! You have created a very lovable character! :-)

  19. Too about bART bArkly

  20. Well, we recently had a gorgeously cute little guy at the re-homing centre I volunteer at who was called Billy-Bob. It suited his cuteness and your wee fella is a lot like him so I think it suits him too!

  21. Hi Alexandra,

    Very distinguished pup! The name Barrymoore popped into my head.

    I have blog about your contest here:

    and also linked it on FaceBook.

    I am hoping to win :)


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