Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WOYWW: Surrendering my fears

Surrender  [suh-ren-der]
verb: to give (oneself) up to some influence, course, or emotion.
noun:  the act or instance of surrendering

This little painting was meant to be posted for the bi-weekly art co-op, Creative Tuesdays, but I didn't quite make it in time.  It was my reflection on what my word for 2015 meant to/for me.  The butterflies are a representation of my fears and how I'm choosing to release them and allow my creative soul to flourish this year.

Many of you have probably read about 'finding your word' and focusing your life and what you do around it for the year.  As you can see, it's taken me quite some time to determine what I felt was mine. After the terrible car accident I was in just barely 10 months ago, I didn't just want a word, I also wanted to be able to include it within my monthly artistic intentions. This year, instead of making resolutions that often go unmet (leaving me feeling like somewhat of a failure), I decided to create 1-2 creative intentions each month that I'd like to accomplish.  Having intent rather than resolutions is easier on the heart and soul if it's not checked off the list.  Feeling pressured to complete a particular task doesn't feed the creative soul, rather it robs from it.  I desire to feed mine so that it can flow forth with joy and hope to bless others around me. Thus, my word, surrender.

My creative heart will begin to surrender all fears within my work that tend to trip me up or hold me back.  It's time to let go and dive in to fulfill my dreams and grow within my work.  Each week I'll be sharing the ups and downs with you, regardless of what they are.  I'm allowing my creative soul to soar and fly to new heights in 2015!  Uh huh

Here's to a wonderful, creative and blessed new year for each of us in 2015!  Make sure to take a peek at all of the other creative desks and workplaces over at WOYWW.  ♥


  1. What a wonderful creative space you have to play in! Happy WOYWW!
    Glenda #49

  2. Amazing powerful concept behind your chosen word - hope exploring it will bring you a lot of creativity & pleasure this year. My word is "change" by the way ! Love your painting ! Ali #20

  3. A lovely space to create in and I hope that you do indeed fulfill your dreams. Anne x #37

  4. Your room is so cheery with the banners! And I like your painting!!! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #58

  5. Well firstly Alexandra, I love your painting - she's peaceful and colourful and dainty. Second your desk is a welcoming place to work, with your colour palettes out it is so cheerful. Thirdly I love this idea of 'your word for the year' but how you've explained it makes me want to adopt this too and take a review of why and what I'm crafting. Thank you for your inspiration and for visiting my desk Cheers RobynO#42

  6. Love your space. Very inspiring choice of word. You go girl!

  7. That little girl is lovely, and you have a beautiful place in which to surrender to your art. Have a good week. xx Maggie #27

  8. Hi, Alexandra, what a lovely picture. Your girl and the butterflies seem to evoke the letting go you are striving for this year. Your workspace looks very inviting -- lots of color around the perimeter and a beautiful white space to be filled . . . Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting. Laura #65

  9. Hi Alexandra, what an inspiring post! I love your workspace and I love all that colour on your desk. Thanks for visiting my desk this week.

  10. A girl with a plan and following it through I am impressed and your word choice wonderful. You have a very inviting creative space thank you for sharing. Love your art, truly beautiful.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 35
    Happy WOYWW

  11. What a bright and lovely crafting space you have!! And you're a very talented painter too. Love all the pots of water colors!!! Color always makes me happy!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #14

  12. What a lovely blog post - I like your way of choosing words of intent - much more achievable I think. I love the little water colour, and you've created such a lovely space to work in - I must say I now want bunting across my work room! Thank you so much for visiting my desk and I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #39

  13. Hello and thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Such a beautiful illustration and thought provoking ideas about resolutions and all those watercolours on your desk. I think I could have lots of fun on your desk. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @43

  14. Wow.. I think were on the same path this year. I didn't choose surrender but are goals and out comes seem very similar. I also missed the dead line for creative Tuesday.;)
    ~ Karen

  15. Hi Alexandra, love your beautiful watercolour and it illustrates your word just perfectly. Very wise to think of intentions rather than resolutions, much more positive. I wish you a happy, fulfilled and creative time in 2015 :o) Annie C #61

  16. Surrender is a perfect word!
    Your words are inspiring and I adore your painting, it's so lovely.

  17. Hello, Alexandra. Thanks for your visit to my blog and very nice comments. :) Love your illustration, and your workspace. It's bright and cheerful --- a space to be inspired.

  18. my work space is similar to yours except it's more chaotic and with more stuff. I keep cleaning and cleaning but it doesn't help, so I have to leave it.

    I like your idea of accomplishing 1-2 things at a time and not have any specific deadlines. so much easier than resolutions.

    anyway, wonderful illustration, love the bright colors on the butterflies.

  19. Wonderful job on your painting and I love your workbenches.

    Super great space.

  20. I love your word and your artistic interpretation. Mine is 'balance'. I have to remember not to work all the time and make time to play. Creative Blessings! Kelly #70

  21. Sweet painting, and how marvellous to work surrounded by palettes of colour like that, very inspiring if you ask me!

  22. Oh I love this! Thank you Michael for giving us the link.
    Your room is inspiring. Mine is messy. But I see joy in this space.
    I love your word, too. Surrender.
    And I am enamoured with butterflies. I put one in my word too. Freedom.
    Blessings from a new CT member,


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