Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Creative Courage: Finding Yours in 2015

Last year, after the terrible car accident I was in, I felt this little nudge in my heart to take my story of courage developed through some of life’s most challenging times for me and write an e-course to help inspire others to do the same.  I certainly had plenty of time on my hands, considering I had lost so much, including my job and being forced to drop out of school.  While recovering and spending many hours alone at home on the sofa each day, I desired to do more than just sit there, staring at the wall, while time and life passed me by! Despite the pain I was suffering, this girl wanted more.  Uh huh.

About 4 months into my recovery (and at a place where I could sit up once again and write), I began to capture my thoughts and ideas on paper.  In less than a month, it all transitioned it into my very own e-course called, Hello, Courage: Finding Your Creative Joy During Life's Challenges.  Through-out this course I not only share pieces on overcoming the challenges of my car accident but my story of surviving child abuse and domestic violence.  Situations like this require courage and hope to overcome such life-altering moments - moments where I had to choose to overcome or be defeated by the things that happened to me.

After Hello, Courage went "live", I was totally blown away not only by the enrollment in my course but the overwhelming engagement and success of it.  The feedback and comments on how this course had transformed women’s lives was so humbling, filling my heart with joy!  Here's what one lady said:

"This class was just what I needed. I have always loved art but was not sure about my direction and have always lacked confidence in my work. I have so enjoyed learning from Alexandra - her tips, techniques and support have taught me so much. I also really needed to be given permission to let go of being perfect and paint what inspires me and it has changed the way I feel about my art. Thank you Alexandra xoxo"
~ Jane

With that said, Hello, Courage will available again in March of this year along with two more brand new e-courses to help inspire and encourage you in your art and creative life - and for ONLY $45.00 each! Whoever you are, these classes are sure to lift your spirits and bring you to a place of joy and renewal, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, teacher, artist, photographer, etc.

Here's what you'll get when you register:
  • FREE video tutorials
  • FREE downloadable lessons to always have on hand
  • FREE templates/patterns
  • PRIVATE access to a group Facebook page to engage with myself and others
  • GUEST BLOGGERS like Tracey Fletcher King, Shirley Ng-Benitez, Lisa Wright, Kristin Dudish, & more!
  • You can take these courses at your own pace - any day/time that fits your schedule!
Go ahead! Take a spin through the e-courses listed below and take a brand new adventure with me this year.  I promise you – you’re creative heart will be rejuvenated!



  1. When is the book coming, I would be interested in reading that, you are so talented and courageous.

    1. Christine, at the moment, my story and such is written and wrapped up in the Hello, Courage e-course that can be taken on your own time. I'm working on a PDF of all the material to sell in the future for those who just want to read and skip all of the video tutorials, etc. :) xx

  2. Oh you are a treasure ~ and congrats on so many positive creations in your life ~ may each day bring you more of what you desire and share ~ lots of hugs to you;

    Happy New Year,
    artmusedog and carol

    1. Awww....thank you, Carol. Your words blessed my heart! Happy New Year to you! xx

  3. Oh, bravo to you, Alexandra.
    I am sure you will help so many!
    You have been through so much and indeed a woman of courage!!!

    1. Thank you, Margie. It wasn't easy at first but I feel I've found my "place in the world" and hope/pray I can touch many lives - encouraging people to never give up! xx

  4. How wonderful you are Alexandra to have taken a difficult situation and transformed it into something that gave to others! You are such a beautiful person!

    1. Lisa, thank you very much. I appreciate your wonderful, sweet comment! xx

  5. I am so proud of you Alexandra! Sending you much love! Hugs ;o)


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