Saturday, January 03, 2015

Sunday Sketches: Take time for love

It's been a wonderful holiday break and have been quite spoiled having my darling hubby at home with me for the past week or so.  We've been enjoying several things together, such as morning teatime, blogging, reading creative articles and strolling the streets of downtown picking up our favorite tea and cakes.  Alas, he'll be returning to work on Monday and I'll be making my way back upstairs to illustrate away in the studio.  Life can be so incredibly busy anymore so it has meant a lot having the extra time over the break to be with Mr. Toast as well as some good quality time with the kids.

With that said, let me share with you a final peek at the hand-painted mini tea-themed custom calendars that are already on their way to my lovely customers.  I enjoyed designing these and am considering offering digital ones in my shop. (Like I don't have enough work to do already!  hee hee)

Wishing everyone a fabulous New Year.  May all of your creative dreams come true!  Happy SS!

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  1. Those calendars are darling - love the personalities each animal displays!

  2. Your handmade calendar is so cute! So glad you had a wonderful break!

  3. Your characters are so precious and alive and beautiful. I love your illustrations--you create such a friendly world I'd like to visit.

  4. Same here! :) I'm looking forward to have space and time to get back to painting on Monday but I'm also going to miss the lovely days spent with family. It's been an amazing holiday break for me.
    Love the sketches!
    Jess xx

  5. It's wonderful to see you accomplish so much in your art journey!😊 happy new year! Xo

  6. I would love to have one of your calendars!
    Can I order on?
    Such wonderful art you create!

    Happy Sunday , enjoy the day with your family.
    My husband just served me breakfast, he's been spoiling me too and I love it :)

  7. These mini calendars are a lovely idea! It's always very handy to see the month at a glance and the fact they're tea themed makes them even more lovely!

  8. Happy New Year! Looks like you had a good holiday with your husband and sweet calendars!

  9. I love the alligator! I just had a cute gator turn up in my art journal...great minds and all that! :) The tea drinking octopus is also adorable...I need one of those at my house...he could make me a cup while making his own and wash dishes at the same time! Perfect!

  10. oh my goodness, your calender is adorable!!!
    imagine my surprise when i saw myself added today ;-)
    lovely Sunday and beyond to you!

  11. happy arty new year love the calendar

  12. They're so darling! I'm glad you've had time to spend quality time with those you love.

  13. Gorgeous illustrations Alexandra! Sounds like you've been having a lovely time with your husband and kids! Enjoy your studio time!

  14. Your calendars are perfect! Love them!


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