Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hope weaved

Time continues to tick away as I do my best to balance each of the things I carry from day to day. Dad's health is stable as can be and although the daily radiation treatments seem endless at this point; he's in such great spirits considering things.

He and I try to chat at least once a day, sometimes twice. He shares with me how his treatment went; if he was able to eat that particular day; who came to visit him, the weather, etc. It's heartbreaking to hear the pain in his voice at times but he pushes forward and does his best to carry on, regardless.

I'm truly amazed at the transformation of my father and know he was truly touched when surrendering his life over to God just a few weeks ago. He no longer lives in constant fear or condemnation but complete peace. His language has gone from being salty to one that's filled with the most amazing gentleness I've ever heard. He cares more for those around him and is doing all he can from his hospital bed to make amends for his past mistakes. If anything humbles me, it's the dramatic and genuine change I've witnessed in my father over the past few weeks. I'm speechless.

So, even though each day continually has its own hurdles to jump, there is certainly a true joy that is being weaved in, out and throughout each one, providing hope to every single person that comes in contact with my father and/or his story of miraculous change.


  1. Sophia,
    I am so glad to hear your dad has found peace. Please know you continue to be in my thoughts.
    All of my blog hugs to you!

  2. Sophia,
    Wow, what a transformation for both of you...YOU seem more at peace and not as frazzled as you previously seemed. I am glad that things are moving in a positive direction.
    I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. glad to hear things are going well.

  4. Thinking of you Sophia and so glad to hear that there is a feeling of peace for you Dad!

  5. It's a heartwarming story. Here's to him fighting this thing and coming out the other side a stronger person.

  6. Inamidst all these tremendous and worrying challenges, this certainly sounds like a unique time, and that you and your father are doing everything you can to make the best of it.

    Don't stop!

  7. Sometimes the worst things in life end up yielding surprises never even thought of.
    The communication you have with your father, his change, your different writing tone~~~I think that is one of those little miracles.
    Take care may friend~~many hugs!


  8. Hi Sophia!!! wonderful to hear about your are amazing and I hope you always find the strength you need....

  9. It is wonderful that he has found peace in a time of trial. It aids you, and of course it helps him. I hope all continues to go well. Faith is an amazing thing. :-)

  10. Hi Sophia!!!
    come over if you have a chance....I just started something called Sweet Saturdays....

  11. hope he fully recovers soon!

  12. It is so wonderful to see god move in ones life and help them change...I was listening to a song today, it said sometimes our miracles come with the tears...sounds like its perfect for the situation with your dad.


  13. Thank you for sharing that touching story. I am so thrilled that you dad came to know the Lord and that you can see a change in him. Praise God!!! Got tears in my eyes as I was reading this post and it was a bit tricky to read the last paragraph. I will be lifting you and your father up in the name of Jesus.

  14. God is's always in His time even for conversions of heart. Your Dad is in my prayers for a complete healing.

  15. It's wonderful to hear about this change in your father. I'm sorry he is going through such a bad time with his health but so glad that he has this peace in his heart, now.


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