Thursday, April 28, 2011

Experimenting with Inspiration

I'm continuing to experiment in different ways not just with my sketching, but with my watercolours, artist pends, etc.  I really like what I came up with here, although the photo still doesn't feel like it's capturing the colour.  I might have to try and get a new photo later, as I have too much to tackle today.

Anyway, Lori over at elvie studio continues to inspire me, so I tried to tap into a bit of her inspiration and this is what I came up with.  Well, two things, but I will post the other one later this week. =D


  1. One thing I have found with my photos is sometimes color tends to flatten in the camera. I downloaded PhotoScape (free) and in the color options it has Color Enhance, which brings color right back up to what it really IS.
    You might give that a try and see if your color doesn't suddenly come to life, like your art!
    Creating is so good for the soul! :-)


  2. this is really need to be doing greeting cards. :)

  3. oh wow!!! love this piece Sophia!!!! wonderful work....

  4. you are on a typewriter craze, nice!

  5. I heard on the radio today that the last company making typewriters closed its doors this week. Imagine that - no more typewriters...

    Keep up with the experimenting. I find it's good for the soul.

    By the way - that quote was Shelley - but I'm sure somebody already told you that by now. One of our great romantic poets. I always have this mental image of him, Keats, Coleridge & Wordsworth lounging around all full of angst and spending too much time outdoors catching chills and consumption....

  6. This is a very great piece. I agree, this would make a wonderful greeting card. Truly inspired.

  7. This is adorable, Sophia! I like the border around the typewriter!

  8. Very nice. I love the typewriter!

  9. Sophia,
    I think this is cute; encompasses the past and the present!

  10. Love this one. It turned out great!

  11. That's wonderful, Sophia! Your illustrations are so whimsical and cheerful - love them!


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