Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another day of this and that...

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It's been another long day of this and that.  I feel helpless tonight in regards to my father.  In some ways, he's doing well, considering things.  Most days, his spirits are soaring high and we're reminiscing about old times, singing, etc - but today has been fairly quiet as my father has been faced to deal with yet another infection in his body (on top of everything else) let alone possibly having to change locations/living arrangements while still undergoing treatment and recovery.  Utterly frustrating, but doing my best to keep he and the family in good spirits regardless.

So, to keep my mind oocupied tonight, I've been messing around with photos I snapped over the weekend of some old typewriters.  I'm curious, can anyone tell me the anem of the poet/author who wrote the words typed on the paper of the typewriter? He is one of my all-time favourite romantic writers.

Off to get some rest.  Incredibly tired tonight.


  1. Sophia,
    Keep your chin up with your dad....it's good that you get to reminisce with him and sing...keep those happy thoughts with you.
    I LOVE this quote, yes I know who wrote it!
    A wonderful romantic poet.
    This is fun photography here, did you add the words? I love that!
    Now, this would make a great card, I love the vintage look to it.
    Take care of yourself! Hugs!

  2. @ Heather - yes, I added the words to the paper and photo in itself. You really think it would make a great card?! Thank you for your sweet words. Struggling with feeling down tonight. Sigh.

  3. Your father knows you love him, and really thats all we can do for them..right? Keep your chin up my friend/ many many hugs

  4. Yes! - Totally.
    I would print the photo with the type writer on it out, and put it on a 4x6 or 5x7 card. You could sell them blank or just put the "share the love...tell me how you feel" on the inside of the card.
    sorry to hear you are down...remember, it's ok to feel sad, blue, down sometimes...just know that tomorrow is a new day...you WILL feel better...! xo

  5. Be strong... Its hard, i know, and reminice and sing because it will gladden you both. I am praying for you

  6. Sending love and light from NYC.
    PS There's another post about Sunday Sketches over at the group site.

  7. I'm sorry to hear that you are down, the reminicing will help all of you... though it might not seem that way now. Later, you will cherish this time that you had to do just that, reminice.

    I too think it would make a wonderful card, one I probably would have swiped up as soon as the words struck my heart.

  8. Hi Sophia!!!! you need to stay strong and focus on all the great thoughts and memories....he knows you love him and he loves you more than you know!!!!

  9. hope things are improving. I know how hard it can be. Recently had to go through my mother going in to hosp and it being really dramatic, still not over it yet but building on each day. Sending positive thoughts . . .


  10. very romantic words indeed Sophia. Keep your spirits up!

  11. Hi Sophia, just keep the good times in the forefront and set those in your memory. I agree with Heather the typewriter would make a lovely card. I don't know the author but I am going to google it.

  12. Strength and good thoughts for you.

  13. sorry to hear that your dad is still having troubles... my parents are ageing and it is so hard to watch - will keep you and your family in my thoughts
    On a lighter note, I think I had that smith corona!!!


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