Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Touching Grace

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There has been a stirring within my heart over the past week or so. Besides art, I love to express myself through words as well. In fact, I have a collection of binders containing poems and songs I've written since I was a very young girl.

Over the past few years a couple of the poems have been published, songs recorded, contests won, but that's not what it's about for me. So, what is it? It's more about sharing a part of me with the world and allowing the written words from real life experiences to touch others deeper than the outer shell, making its way down into the heart, leaving someone changed in ways they could not imagined.

I don't know how many times I've been told by individuals that my poems and/or songs touched them so much that it gave them goose bumps or even brought them to tears. It truly blesses me to know that my words could impact and change the lives of those around me in such a way. I've let this gift sit on the shelf and collect dust for far too long. So, this weekend, I pulled out the dusting rag, sat down at my piano and began to play/write once again. It felt great!

Below is one such piece. I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear some feedback as to whether you 'd like to read some more of these writings.

Saved by Grace© Blue Chair Diary, "Sophia"

She lies quietly
On the cold tiles
Next to the porcelain tower
Of running water

No one can see her

She is frozen
Paralyzed with fear
As black-stained, trickling tears
Glaze the broken mirror

No one can hear her

She stares quietly
At the torn photograph
Underneath the jagged glass
Forming a watercolor

No one knows her

She looks at her arms
At the fingerprints of hate
Painted on her pale skin
In deep red and blue

Only one can save her


She closes her eyes
Praying with her last breath
As an angelic figure
Gathers her up and flies away

No one can hurt her



  1. I remember distinctly when I was in college, and the chair of the art dept was talking about an artist whose works were not discovered in his own lifetime.. My prof said... "Everyone thinks they are an artist waiting to be discovered."

    I dont know.. that really hit me. Sometimes in a bad way.. like you crazy girl what makes you think you are any good. But more often in the way of.. if I'm an artist, then I need to create. If I'm not creating, then I'm no longer an artist.

    Although I do think we need periods to decompress, we do need to be realistic.. A lot of people have things left on the shelf.. particularly from times in our lives when creativity was encouraged. You, my friend, are a writer. Your work shouldn't get so dusty.

  2. Good for you for writing again. It's a powerful realization to know you are a writer and to put that to action.

    This poem is beautiful and haunting. Thank you for sharing.

  3. such vivd images in your words...p;owerful, sad, heartfelt...brilliant

  4. So sad...a very beautiful poem/song...well done you for having the courage to dust off your book and start again...also the courage to share...

  5. Tragically beautiful. I hope you share more.

  6. thanks for sharing your words and your inspiration. This is what your blog is for, anytime you feel like, I think.

  7. Sophia,
    i love reading your poetry. this is good, sad, haunting...too. hope she's ok....and safe now. xo

  8. I love this Sophia. This poor girl was invisible one too many times. There are so many like here and it is so sad. If only she could reach out and find an open hand. You are a very creative writer, my friend.

  9. This amazing poem as a result of your dreadful experience is something to behold.

    All kudos to you for using your painful experiences to help and try to get through to others who are caught up in abusive relationships.

  10. Your writing is beautiful Sophia. I know I for one would love to read more.


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