Friday, February 25, 2011

Doodling away

I’ve been taking advantage of my breaks at work this past week or so and am enjoying it. For one thing, it makes me actually take one instead of working through it!

Every morning I make sure to grab my little tote bag filled with paper, pencils and sketching pens and when break time arrives, I doodle away at the far corner of my desk. It’s been quite refreshing and provides a mental break from the daily repetitive mundane work, even giving me hope deep down inside that I won’t be trapped in this job forever. It’s just a stepping stone to greater things to come in my career/life!

So please enjoy a sneak peek at one of my doodles from this end of the world. =D


  1. love the sneak peaks...and thanx for the insperation, greater things to come:)

  2. I do that on my lunch hour sometimes. You are right it does help break through the mundane work. Like you it infuses me with that fire to make this career/life change thing work. I love the girl reading sketch.

  3. Hooray for doodles! Wonderful stuff :)


    p.s. What wonderful mail you received, lucky girl :)

  4. Of course it's just a stepping stone - you have many talents and you're already sharing them across the globe! Go girl!

  5. Nice sketches Sophia. I am sure the right job will come to you that uses your particular talents. Keep looking for that next stepping stone.

  6. What a great way to take your break and give yourself a little escape. Drawing and writing allows you to be anyone and go anywhere! :)

  7. i love seeing your happy doodles. have a great day, sophia.

  8. Sophia,
    I was cleaning out some things and actually found some of my perhaps I will have something to share on Sunday Sketches :)
    I think your little girl has such a endearing personality; kind of reminds me of you!

  9. oh what fun Sophia!!!! love these and doodling is always so much fun isn't it!!!

    Have a great weekend !!!!

  10. someone has been inspired by her new art materials! Good stuff.

  11. It is a stepping stone for greater things...that's the only way I could survive my job at times. Dreaming of doodles and new pieces to work on. You brighten my spirits every time you visit so thank YOU friend!! :)

  12. Dear Sophia,
    It's so lovely to hear that you are enjoying your sketching and doodling and thinking about the future. To be positive is to be happy. XXXX


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