Monday, February 14, 2011

Changing Destiny

Playing my piano last night for the first time in awhile felt incredible. I stumbled over the keys for about 20 minutes or so in an attempt to remember where my fingers were meant to be, eventually finding each note and forming a beautiful melody.

Each song was like a healing balm of restoration and peace. As I played one after the other, feeling the emotion behind each one written, the longing to work with children and elderly began to rise up again within my spirit.

For ages, I wanted to be the next Amy Grant or Barbara Streisand, constantly sending in demos of songs I had written to recording studios across the country. I was determined to be a star, my name in headlights, etc. It wasn’t until I had an opportunity to work with Paul Smith, where my heart began to change direction.

He challenged me, my faith, and the true motives behind why I wanted to sing. I soon discovered that my endeavors were about no one but myself, my fame, my glory. Not a good feeling discovering such a thing about myself. Ugh.

From then on, I stopped sending out demos and began looking around my home town wondering how could I make the most impact for others with my singing. To make a really long story short, one thing led to another where I found myself devoting almost every weekend visiting nursing homes and/or abused/neglected kids. Let me tell you what an amazing transformation it not only made on my personal life, but theirs as well.

I connected. I gave. We all received.

Those words do not come from an arrogant or prideful heart at all, but one who has been through hell and back and completely related to their heartache. I too had been abused, used, abandoned, rejected, taken advantage of and/or told I was worth nothing and so on.

From that I set out with determination and perseverance. I CHOSE to walk a path that many told me was utterly impossible. And, you know what? I DID IT!

Through previous extensive counseling I learned that it was not my fault. No one deserves such treatment, and, frankly, I resent being judged and characterized by my past as it does not define me and who I am but, yes, it is my story... and one in which I plan to continue to use for good!

You are looking at a woman who OVERCAME so many obstacles in her life and changed my so-called “destiny of destruction." I broke the cycle of violence, drugs, and alcohol often experienced by those who've lived through such horrors yet never seek the in-depth counseling required.

With the proper support channels and my faith, I went from ordinary to extraordinary and since then, I've truly been humbled to be able to help literally thousands of men, women, and children (both young and old) face those very same issues in their life -- they too can overcome!

[tears rolling]


  1. ...
    What a post for a day of love...You have the greatest love of them all...I am happy to read this. I, perhaps, share some of these experiences too.
    Sophia...I wish more of this for you.
    Happy ♥ Day and every day...

  2. Lovely post & happy Valentine's day!


    CK >:-)

  3. Sophia, I want to give you a big hug, you are indeed a most generous, kind and giving soul, and you have been through so much. Life is so unpredictable, we have no idea which turn it's going to take. Sometimes it doesn't seem fair. We can only hope to grow from our experiences.

  4. you ispire my friend...thank you:)


  5. Oh brave of you to have obviously come a long way in dealing with some dreadful experiences...You are a shining light to others, that you can turn your life around no matter how bad things get...big huge massive hug and mega admiration I send to you....Hope you had a good day....

  6. Hello Sophia, wishing you a Happy Valentines Day!! Blessed you are to have an instrument within your soul to share with others(O: I love the photo of your hands playing the piano, really beautiful!

  7. Sophia,
    I applaud your courage today and tell you with admiration. Ironically, you must read my post today as it truly paralled yours in a lot of ways; imagine that!
    I would love to visit your Hope to Dream...and I do plan on it. If you ever need a friend, there isn't one far away that has shared similar experiences...
    hugs to you~

  8. You are awesome. I am happy to have met you and I will be reading your Hope to Dream.

    Giving of ourselves in a positive way can only bring peace, joy, love and harmony to our lives. In giving for the right reasons, we receive tenfold.

    Faith is one of the greatest gifts we can have.

    Blessings and a happy day to you.

  9. Hi Sophia,
    I know you went through so much. I have known you for some time now. God Bless you dear one.

    Happy Valentine's day. You deserve a fantastic one.

  10. This is beautiful.
    I am SO HAPPY that you are at a point of writing this....the growth, the strength, the determination to get where you are.
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!
    Many hugs my dear~~~


  11. You write with such personal affirmation and resilience. Amazing how music can be an inspiration and restorative for anyone. Beautiful post.

  12. Sophia. I'm sending you a big hug right now. I want to tell you that you are such a brave and beautiful person for sharing so much of your pain and strength to overcome such horrible pains. I know your personal blog will provide a shelter for many and a place of hope as well. A big giant heart to you on this valentine's day and many days of peace and happiness to you in the future..keep on keeping on, Sophia!!

  13. You are a wonderful inspiration to many Sophia and I am so glad that you have shared yourself with the world in this way. You are a treasure and I thank you on behalf of so many. Big

  14. Sophia - you are a very special person. Don't forget what you've done with Sunday Sketches too. Look at the community you have built there - a growing group of artists that meet up every week to admire and encourage each other.
    You are brave, an inspiration and a star in my eyes!!


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