Sunday, July 02, 2017

Sunday Sketches (Pelicans & New Family)

It's been an incredibly long but wonderful week. For those of you who've not heard, I made a quick decision to fly to Kentucky to not only see old family I've not seen in 9+ years but finally meet both my brother and sister I knew about growing up - but had never met. It's been joyous, surreal, and many tears shed - it's been an incredible miracle!  Just in a week there's been great healing my family has needed for such a long time.

With that said, enjoy my pelican illustration above. These magnificent birds are my favorite and I have finally taken the time to sketch one out and I quite like it! More soon! It's very late here and I'm currently packing in order to fly home to Colorado tomorrow!

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  1. glad to hear your family reunion worked out well. It is important in todays world I think.

    I too love pelicans but we don´t have them :(

  2. I think it's really a great experience to meet your brother and sister for the first time. It must have been such a remarkable encounter and a wonderful first step with regard to the healing your family has needed. I wish I could have something like this as well but my father unfortunately never wanted to see me although I travelled to Canada when I was 27 and wanted to meet him for the first time. He refused my wish to meet him, he refused me so I still sometimes miss my roots and can therefore imagine very well how happy you must be now. The pelican is lovely! I love his humorous look and the wonderful yellow beak. And thank you again for always hosting the Sunday Sketches! It's great to be part of it :)

  3. It's so wonderful to be with a family. Mine stays in Saint Petersbourg while I'm here in France, and yes, We miss each other crazy. So good for you to meet your folks ! and your pelican looks glad as well

  4. I am so glad that meeting your brother and sister was a happy experience for you. Your life has really unfolded in some amazing ways.

    Love the pelican! He looks very sly.

  5. Sweet pelican, so happy for you too.

  6. What an incredible reunion you had! I am so happy for you! Family is so important. And thanks for having Sundays Sketches!

  7. What a lovely pelican and what an incredible experience. I am so glad for you.

  8. What a great way to welcome a new month and summer! May you spend many more wonderful days with your siblings.
    Love your pelican, we have them and love watching them!

  9. Like you, I love the Pelicans and am blessed by being visited by a large flock of them migrating north every year. I too have sketched one ... perhaps I will share it with you next week. And, what a wonderful gift finding your brother and sister. Life is good if we look in the right places.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  10. happy news that you've been reunited with your family and healing can continue. Love the pelican too!


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