Saturday, July 15, 2017

New Styles and GIVEAWAY WINNER announced!

As mentioned in a post written last weekend, so many changes have been happening in my life over the past 6-8 months. All good but because of them, I've also been feeling this tug to branch out into some new artistic endeavors. So, this past week I dived in to some ideas that have been floating around in my head for awhile now. What do you think? I feel the floral illustration girls above express a part of the "grown-up woman" side of my heart that has been begging to be known.

Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy creating whimsical children's illustrations! Children have always been close to my heart and I love working alongside them in any way I can. However, I've been feeling as if I've been blocking my creative spirit from doing so much more. Like, limiting my abilities and skills. Does that make sense? While continue to work on illustrating children's books, I've made the decision to take on a few projects that will allow me to delve more into this style above and am seriously looking forward to it. I hope you'll follow along, sharing your thoughts and my journey as well.

With that said, let's dive into the exciting news of the final Sunday Sketches GIVEAWAY WINNER announcement. Yay! Again, thank you to everyone who has made the past 9+ years of Sunday Sketches fantastic!! I've loved every moment of it and have been blessed you've tagged along this entire time...and what a better way to celebrate than having a big, final giveaway. Here's a peak at what will be inside the box. (I'm leaving some things as an element of surprise for the winner!)

...and speaking of the winner...... the final Sunday Sketches giveaway winner is Claudia of Images by CW! Please email me your shipping address so I can send of your lovely parcel filled with various art supplies and tea goodies. Again, THANK YOU to each of you! I'm really looking forward to our new, creative journey together.


  1. Hi, of course you shall follow your instict to "grow up" it is a normal process that we change over time. And I like what you created in this post. Good luck to you. And congratulations to Claudia for being the winner.

  2. Congrats to Claudia! I love how you are always changing and growing and grasping new opportunies. It is not an easy thing for most!

  3. congrats to the winner :)

    our art styles are always changing as artists, its how we grow and improve our art :)

  4. Your new style is terrific. I've changed my style several times over the years, you have to go where inspiration leads you.

  5. Congrats to Claudia! I adore your botanical girl drawings they are fabulous. We all have different sides of ourselves we want to express so be free.

  6. Hi Alexandra! Wow..super-beautiful art, these are all so lovely! I think it is wonderful to follow your soul's new journey and how it wishes to express your art through you.. go for it.. fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more of your new works!
    Congrats to the lucky winner!
    Wishing you magical new adventures ahead...shine on!
    Ps: thanks for your sweet visit and lovely words.

  7. Oh how beautiful! I am glad you are following your heart, I think it leads to art that has a wonderful essence. Congrats to Claudia!

  8. Congrats to Claudia! I love your grown up woman! They are beautiful! Always be true to you! Big Hugs!

  9. Alexandra, I am excited for you! I love the new illustration and I hope the journey is filled with discovery. I look forward to seeing it here as well.

    I think there is room for all that you wish to explore and your style lends itself to hinting at the child within even if the subject is something more grown-up. :) I find that balance to be really rewarding when I find it. It seems rather natural. . . the little girl is always part of the grown up. I think t's when we lose that half that we lose our way. You clearly have firm footing in that world and I think it's still present in the new work, underneath the surface!!!

    I work through all of that as well. My book started off as a whimsical collection of shorts, more childhood than adult, but now has grown to a full fledged novel (or more) with a backstory and history that could not have been devised in my own child-mind. . . so, for example, while the child-me loves the fact there are two moons, but the adult loves knowing why and how they work on tides, animals, rituals, superstitions etc. The characters, visual aesthetic, magic, wonder remain firmly entrenched in the childhood mind/world just with adult realities mixed in. Perhaps that is what it is about after all? The struggle for that balance and for keeping a foot in both worlds? Looking forward to your adventures there too!


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