Saturday, June 03, 2017

Sunday Sketches (Oh, Hello there!)

(Oh, Hello there! #dailydoodle)

As you know, Michael and I've had a lot going on these past several weeks and there's still yet one other thing that's happened we've yet to share with you! Well, actually, it involves me! Are you ready? I have a big sister!!

All my life I've known about an older sister from my mother's previous marriage but have (unfortunately) never met her and honestly, never thought I would. Several years ago I tried to find she and my older brother, but was unsuccessful. I'm THRILLED to say she found me! (Thus where this illustration came from.)

Many, many tears have been shed and my heart is overjoyed! I look forward to sharing more about this story in the future. For now, please celebrate with me in this wonderful and beautiful reunion!!!

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  1. Alexandra I am so happy for you at this unexpected and wonderful news! Your illustration is joyous indeed!

  2. How wonderfuö for you. Finding the older sister. Or, be found of. :) Must be exiting to start to learn about one another.

    Thanks for hosting the sketch meme.

  3. Congratulations! What an amazing thing to experience! I hope you two have many happy times ahead of you. You are right, that illustration perfectly captures the mood of being happy and excited to see someone you didn't expect.

  4. I do celebrate with you! What a happy response to your event!

  5. What a wonderful story ... almost like fiction, but real. Congratulation, you will see new horizons through her eyes and she through yours. I will look forward to hearing more. And yes, the perfect picture ... a head rush.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Oh I love the upside down little sweetie ~ lovely sketch ~

    I also connected with a half sister a few years back ~ (same father ~ different mother) and now I have a whole new family ~ can relate to your experience ~

    Happy Sunday and week ahead ~ ^_^

  7. that is wonderful news!! how exciting for you!

  8. how sweet! isn't it funny how people find each other just like that?

    & very adorable drawing to celebrate this news!

    have a lovely day.

  9. Oh how wonderful and amazing to meet sibling you thought was lost to you. I love the illustration too!

  10. Well that's magical! So happy to hear of your found family! The sketch is lovely and evokes the innocence and wonder of such an unexpected discovery too! :) YAY!

  11. Oh wow, my gosh, how amazing, absolutely awesome is this?! Finding out you're having a big sis?! I wish you all the best!

  12. Oh wow, such a wonderful surprise! It must be very exciting to find a sister and I'm looking to forward to your future stories. Your illustration is so sweet!

  13. Hi! I had my kids here yesterday and was exhausted when they left. being on the west coast I am behind everyone in time anyway, and was hoping to join in this morning a little late. Only it says you closed the linky 9 hours ago. Could that possibly be extended several more hours for us late-comers. Mom (Latane in Va) loves your meme and has encouraged me to join in. I promise I will connect in sooner next time!

  14. That's absolutely amazing, so pleased for you.

    All the best Jan

  15. Congrats! This is exciting news!!! I love your art piece! Big Hugs!


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