Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Scribble Picnic (Grabbling Brook Post Office)

I love what we all find in our picnic baskets each week here at Scribble Picnic. Oh gosh, from sweet goodies to new friends - I love it all! Isn't that what picnics are all about?

This week I've decided to venture back off into my usual illustration style and have created my very own woodland post office called, "Grabbling Brook" for all of the local bunnies to mail their letters and parcels. Hee. Oh gosh, it turned out way better than anticipated! Above is just a snippet of the full illustration. When it's all completed, I'll reveal the entire painting and its magical wonder. I go with my picnic basket to catch up with Michael and his lot....and grabbing an umbrella along the way. The grey skies have rolled in with thunder here and there. By golly, let's hope none of us get wet this afternoon!


  1. I like the office is a tree and not any old house, the red mail slot reminds of me london posts because they're usually red. this is wonderful.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you, Lissa! That was my idea....inside a tree! And yes, it's all based off of London post offices. hee :) Thanks for popping in. x

    2. Actually, I think mail boxes are almost entirely red throughout Britain but will need to pay attention next time we go somewhere else that is, other than always seeing family! :)

    3. i had to look up the colour thing for the post boxes because i dont think I've ever seen one that isnt red lol

      "All Royal Mail post boxes will be painted in standard red and black livery (see BS for colours below).No variation is allowed, except in very exceptional circumstances where there are genuine historical reasons, such as the use of bronze-green livery for some early boxes, light blue for some airmail boxes, and the 110 boxes painted gold in
      celebration of the London 2012 British Olympic and Paralympic champions." (from the royal mail site)

      would be neat to see one of the gold ones actually :D

  2. All of your sweet villages are so fun to tour and see all the tiny details. Very cute indeed. Mail is so exciting for even critters. HaHa

  3. If there was a prize you would win with this entry, I love it!

  4. Such a marvelous tree house - a mighty oak I believe - for the local P.O. Alexandra - and I see English Ivy has already started climbing!
    Mary x

  5. It certainly does look magical. Looking forward to seeing the entire village.

  6. Love, love, LOVE your Post Office tree illustration, Alexandra! SO delightful! I especially like the colour you did the windows. I'm looking forward to seeing the entire painting.

    Enjoy the rest of your week,
    Serena x

  7. been pouring down all day here so its nice to see something so cheery and bright, thank you :)

  8. Oh how darling this is! I love it!

  9. This is another winner - love it.

    All the best Jan

  10. Alexandra,
    What a darling idea. I love your bunnies - and their very own post office. So cute. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

  11. Cute! Look forward to seeing the completed painting.

  12. Hee, I can't recall if it ended up raining or not but I love this sketch and where you are taking it in terms of the painting. It is totally adorable, begging the viewer, esp a kid, to stop and explore for a while. Your woodland series painting are jsut begging for an agent and a book deal. they are perfect. I love the lil' red mail box sign to. Thank you so much for doing this. Can't wait to see it all completed later and hopefully posted here on another post.


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