Friday, January 06, 2017

The Magic Winter Brings

As the new year slowly moves forward, I've nestled within my studio and started working away. It's been quite the sight, actually. With the extremely (and unusually) cold temperatures, I've bundled up in thick sweaters, wearing two pairs of socks inside my giant grey slippers, while toting around a hot water bottle all day. Regardless, for me, winter brings so much magic that my heart can hardly contain it! Eek! One cannot deny the fact that my artistic heart truly shines during the winter/Christmas months within my work.

With that said, I've many goals this year and one of them pushing myself within my work by not just telling more of a story in each illustration but also capturing that child-like heart/wonder as well. To kick-start things, I made a point to begin moving in this direction with my daily 2016 Christmas countdown. After flipping through each of the 25 illustrations completed, it was apparent I accomplished what I'd set out to do. Yay me!

After the first few weeks, most of my illustrations were stand-alone characters but in the final 10 days that followed, each slowly transitioned into full-blown illustrations, telling of a sweet, magical, Christmas story. Let me tell you just how much my heart was thrilled to see this!

Over the coming days, weeks, months...I hope to share with you more of these wonderful stories - just like the one above. In fact, you can view my initial sketch idea here. I tweaked it just a little by changing out his hat and face a little. In the end? Pure child-like heart magic found within another woodland winter tale.


  1. I've been catching up again and ended with this magical sketch. Your characters always have a wonderful personality, innocence and wonder in their expressive faces.
    Yvonne xx

  2. The winter does the same for me though here it is far more rain and wind that moves thru our world. What I adore about the images you create is the communion of imagination and nature. The solitary, exploring figures always appeal to me and the way you give them stories and settings that draw from the world around them warms my heart.

    The snow always seemed to me to be a beautiful metaphor for possibility and renewal. A soft blanket covering the world we often would like to escape from, if only for awhile, upon which we can write an entirely new world as we see fit. The brilliance of how everything stands out against it. Stark and defined. I've noticed the way many people are excited by a "snow day" as adults. Anything out of the norm, taking them out of the world they inhabit most of the time, seems to lighten their hearts. I live in a place where an inch of snow or even, as was the case this year, the possibility of an inch of snow, closes everything! People just seemed happier to have a day where the world stopped as they went about their business with wide smiles and giddiness. :)

  3. They have each been so special. Your heart and love is so translated into your creations. I love your heart, and what comes out of it. A blessing to so many.

  4. such a dear wintry piece. i agree winter does inspire you.
    congratulations on your Christmas countdown art.

    See you tomorrow for SS.

  5. That illustration is just magical! It's certainly capturing my imagination.

  6. How sweet and adorable this is! I love it.

  7. Beautiful! Truly beautiful! Makes my heart smile! Big Hugs!


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