Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Our Little House of Love

Our little "House of Love"- I just melt inside-out when I hear those words. It started several years back when we purchased a tiny little print from a long-time friend and illustrator, Susan, who lives in the heart of Nova Scotia. Since then, not only have we added each of her "Tiny Life" illustrations to our collection of art, we feel like our home (and hearts) have literally taken on the meaning of a tiny life.

We cherish everything about our (new) cozy home here in Colorado, holding steadfast to all the joys and laughter it's already brought us since returning home from England just 7 weeks ago.  Most of you know before we left back in July of 2016, we downsized and sold everything we owned except for about 15 small boxes of "must keep" items. People were shocked and at times, we both were questioning if we were de-cluttering too much. However, after relocating back to the states I cant tell you just how much we enjoy being surrounded only by the things we love. I find more joy in waking up and facing the day than I ever have. There's more breathing room and a whole lotta love and peace filling the rooms now.

So, as we begin to take on the new year, let me take a moment to wish each of you a Happy New Year! May it be filled with healing, peace, love and prosperity. My heart prays each of you find and receive all that you need in the coming days and months. For now, the mister and I are hunkering down with hot water bottles and thick warm socks for the impending snow storm heading our way here in Colorado...including the puppy with his sweater!


  1. Such a warm, cozy post...Happy New Year. I have so enjoyed your illustrations!

  2. Lovely home. Happy New Year to you as well.

  3. Happy New Year Alexandra and Michael! Here's to decluttering.

  4. love puppy's sweater :D looks like a nice comfy welcoming place :)

  5. Happy New Year to your cozy family! I think you did it exactly as one should. Having the time away from all your things probably helped when you returned to give you that perspective. Most of us have too much clutter and attachment to things that just take up space.

    We've always been happier in smaller spaces enjoying the coziness and the need to keep only what we cherish around us. So, as I sit and type this on the makeshift "window seat" of our studio that doubles as my writing desk, my back is inches from a full sized weaving loom which is threaded and amid-scarf making, and our work tables are on either side of me ( this is all in what would be the "living room/area" for most people) and the smell of the muffins we made this morning still hangs in the air because the open kitchen is just behind all of that with another worktable where the dining room table might be. :) lol

    Enjoy the snow fall, stay warm and cozy and indulge in your lovely surroundings and lighter, airy feel that it brings. May that joy be with you both each day throughout the new year and all the rest to follow!!

  6. Your little house of love, so perfect for you and Michael. I had to chuckle when I saw your precious pup laying on the couch looking out the window. That is Molly's favorite spot in our home.

    Wishing you and Michael a wonderful new year, with lots of dreams and goals fulfilled.


  7. Stay warm! Your house of love is so beautiful! Love your puppy photo! Wishing you and your loved ones many blessings for 2017!! Big Hugs!

  8. Such beautiful pics of your sweet house and doggie. Wishing you a wonderful 2017.


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