Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Sketches (From England)

It's the last week for Sunday Sketches....from England, that is. It's been lovely hosting it from overseas these past several months but it will also be wonderful so be back home with our family and friends as well.  Starting next week, we'll return to the regular Sunday Sketches!

Above is a quick illustration I put together, joining other illustrators, authors, teachers and librariarians across the world to encourage children that regardless of who they are....the are SAFE! If you'd like to join in, simply create a piece of art with a safety pin, post it to your social media page and tag it with the #kidlitsafetypins.

Michael and I are boarding the train early Sunday morning for London. With me being very sick and on a 2-hour ride, it might be later in the day or tomorrow before I can visit everyone. I will do so as soon as I'm able.

If you're participating in Sunday Sketches, you can grab the NEW Sunday Sketches button HERE.

Submit your artwork by signing up below with a link to your blog. PLEASE make sure to visit each other! One of the biggest reasons for this co-op is encouraging one another in our creative endeavors. Thank you!


  1. Its a lovely drawing with a good message for all the worlds children to be safe.
    have a safe journey home.

  2. Have a safe journey! Please take care of yourself! I love your drawing and the message! Big Hugs!

  3. Hope you are better soon, not great travelling when you are unwell. Love your post and drawing.

  4. A great idea. Give everyone a safety pin. Think they would need some.

  5. Lovely piece for a great cause! Get well soon.

  6. Oh no, you're sick on your last day in England... I hope you're a fast healer as it is no fun at all being on a trip and plane when you're not feeling well.
    Kidlitsafetypins is a great idea and your illustration is wonderful.
    Safe travels!

  7. What a gorgeous illustration and for such a great cause.
    I can't believe that you are about to leave us, and it's so sad that you are taking germs with you. Typical of our weather to generously give you a cold.
    I was thinking that perhaps it's like one of those things that when you are stressed and the stress is about to be alleviated... your system shuts down a little and you suffer. I hope it's not too bad and you can enjoy that glorious homecoming reception.
    Safe journey and good luck to both you and Michael

  8. What a lovely illustration, I hope you feel better soon!

  9. very sweet illustration! i'm loving all the "safety pin" artwork. wow--it seems like your time in England really flew by! sorry to hear you are sick. i was sick once with a cold and had to fly back from europe. i ordered lots of mimosas to dull the pain :)

  10. hope the train ride goes ok and you feel better soon :)

  11. Love your illustration, as always!!! I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. I hope you feel much better tomorrow when you wake up and have a safe trip...
    Love, Jane

  12. Have a safe journey♥ Happy Monday ♥

  13. She is wonderful and so appropriate foe the times ~ be well ~ xox

    Wishing you a peaceful week ~ ^_^

  14. I hope you had a safe journey and arrived well back in Colorado. It was great to follow all your lovely notes about the experiences you made in UK as well as to look at the lovely pictures you took! And I also love this little girl you posted yesterday. Especially how you have added the tiny sprinkly spots on the red and white striped shirt.


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