Friday, November 11, 2016

Keep your Head Up. Keep Your Heart Strong

We've created some wonderful memories here in Scarborough. Not just with our family but new people we've met and now consider our friends. In fact, both Michael and my niece (who's lived here for over 2 years) are amazed at the various individuals in whom I wave and say hello to when pottering down high street for coffee or errands. It warms my heart and yet it's hard to believe we'll be leaving here this Sunday morning. Our friends here have become such a special part of our life and as much as we're looking forward to returning home to Colorado, it's going to be hard to say goodbye.

But life continues to move forward and so must each of us regardless of the change(s) touching our lives. Some will be good while others, not so great.  This is how life must be for us to (continue) learning and growing...even as adults. We'll celebrate together the good and we'll cry/hold one another during those challenging and difficult moments. That's kindness, love, forgiveness and acceptance, regardless of who we are.

In closing, for anyone out there who feels you're utterly alone with no family or close friends. No one to lean on. I've been there. NEVER give up! YOU are LOVED! Always remember that and always remember to keep your head up and your heart strong.


  1. Oh Alexandra ..... it sounds as if you have really embraced life in England and have now got many new memories. Wishing you both safe travels home. XXXX

    1. We have and I'm very grateful for that. I also know we will be returning in the near future and look forward to that. But for now, we're on our way back to the states tomorrow to be with our family, friends, new grandbabies, new home, and snuggling the puppy.

  2. . . . . . . . and I love you and Michael for all you have done to help his family at his mum's time of need.
    You two are such a fabulous couple and perfect for one another in many, many ways. Your love story is one of my favorites. All I need now is to meet you two - hopefully some day in Colorado - and share a cuppa and a long chat!
    Safe journey back - it will be another change in your lives, resettling etc., but together you can do anything.
    Love and hugs to both of you - Mary

    1. Awww Mary, you are so sweet! How delightful and fabulous it would be to meet you one day. We must connect somehow.

      We are now in London and will be flying out tomorrow to the states. Although we both have been very ill I think we're finally on the upswing of things. Will write more soon.


  3. Thanks for your most encouraging words today!

  4. Nice post to read and wonderful to read how many friends you made.

  5. Beautiful post Alexandra!!! I agree with every word you said!!! I hope you keep in touch with your new friends! Big Hugs!


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