Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sunday Sketches: Having a child-like faith

Thanksgiving has passed and in just a few days, the Christmas season will officially begin. Growing up, my family always put up the tree and decorated it every Thanksgiving. My mother was a fan of those once popular silver icicle tinsel and covered our tree head to toe with them! My younger brother loved his little ceramic snowman ornament adorned with a knitted red/blue hat. For me, I simply loved to sit on the floor in the dark watching the colored lights sparkle and reflecting off the frosted windows. Being a little girl seems like ages ago...yet, I've never lost my child-like heart for Christmas.

In fact, I've always felt it important to hold on to our child-like faith, no matter how old we are. That faith will not only bring us hope through some of the most challenging times in life, but it will also bring us joy at all the right moments as well. With that said, my heart has felt that little girl's faith welling up inside me, directing me towards doing a polar bear series, capturing a simple child-like wonder in each. These two darling bears are the beginning and I'm simply in love with them.

How about you?  What does having a child-like faith mean to you? I'd love to know. Happy SS!

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  1. Loving your polar bear style! The scarves are sooo adorable.

  2. It is late, and I happened to have finished my blog up before bed and checked to see if you were ready for this week Sunday Sketches and realized I am the first one!! LOL!! that is a first!!
    I love your new polar bears and the hope and joy they bring. Excited to see the rest of your series! Those childhood memories of Christmases past are the best!! Have a wonderful new week, Alexandra!!

  3. Hello Alexandra and all! :)
    I'm not into any faith, althought raised in a Catholic family, but I remember my Xmases as a child as a time of expectations and wonders. Something that I still feel sometimes, but not as strong. :)
    Have a great Sunday! <3

  4. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bears!!!!! They touch my child-like-heart so much!

  5. Agree xmas always has that certain feel to it that transports you to being kind of a kid again :) sorry been off for a long time but back now :) love the polar bears want to give him a cuddle! oh and take a nibble of that cake :P xx

  6. I am loving this new series! The expressions really put forward your child-like faith principle. And you have some sweet memories of Christmas.

  7. not really sure what it means to me other than not taking life too seriously, its too short to spend life worrying about things you can't change.

  8. Oh how sweet your polar bears are! My mum is a huge fan of polar bears! I think it means many things, but also taking joy in everyday things.

  9. I love your storybook characters! All so whimsical. I fear I've aged out of "childhood faith"! And I'm not a grown person of faith either. My "praying/hoping" is paired with educating, and wanting to believe that good will win out over evil. Even though demonstrations of the opposite present themselves daily. I just want my grand children to live in a world of peace and harmony between all humanity!

  10. Love your bears. And your Faith! I really would love to read/review your books.
    I just got a new job and I'll have my own blog/related to my classroom. I'm so excited!
    I linked today. I've been working on stuff but just been too busy to link up! Sorry. I'll try to do better.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. these polar bears are so darn cute! love the scarves.

    I hope you have a lovely holiday season.

  12. So precious! Having a child like faith to me, is always believing! Always having hope! Always seeing everything with the glass half full! I still look for Santa Claus :) Hugs :)


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