Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WOYWW: Magical bunnies bringing joy...

It's been wonderful having a break from college classes to focus more on my artwork and illustration projects currently on the table. I'm working on finalizing three children's books and just started a brand new one, scheduled for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Eeek! Can you tell I'm excited? Hee I've been utterly blessed to be a part of so many projects that involve blessing the heart of children across the world. It's both humbling and life changing.

Above are some darling bunnies I sketched and painted yesterday in order to get back in touch with the Beatrix Potter style of illustrations for an upcoming children's book. It's unfortunately top secret at the moment, so I will share more about it when I can. Until then, enjoy the little video I put together here in my studio. May your heart be blessed in unexpected ways today.

Wishing everyone a delightful Wednesday and lovely week!
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  1. Hi Alexandra, your bunnies are absolutely delightful and I enjoyed watching the video. Sounds like you are enjoying great success with your illustrations - long may it continue. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #56

  2. I love your bunnies. :) Best of luck with the myster project and happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #51

  3. I love your video! And the bunnies are so cute! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #45

  4. Such cute bunnies! April #69

  5. What beautiful work, really lovely I'm just in awe of any skilled artist.

  6. Hello Alexandra! I saw your name on the WOYWW list and thought "could it be That Same Alexandra from Facebook?". I wonder how it is, that I've never visited your blog before, even though I take part in WOYWW regularly and follow your Facebook page every day?!
    Anyway, I am here now - just in time for darling bunnies. I love the video, showing how you drew and painted them.
    Wishing you much luck and success with your book projects - it's so exciting!
    LizzieMade #37

  7. Oh, your magical bunnies are gorgeous! I am going to watch your video :)
    RosA # 41

  8. Those bunnies are amazing something about watercolours that are so magical and at one time I had a small grouping of markers I only own 1 copic in the whole collection so your way ahead of me in that :)
    hugs Nikki 5

  9. wonderful video, I like watching drawings come to life, very cute bunnies!

    have a lovely day.

  10. Oh how darling and cuddly the bunnies are! I love them!!


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