Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Sketches: Tiny joys discovered in tiny things

For the past few weeks, I've had this inner creative desire to try my hand at painting some wildflowers without any sketching beforehand. A while ago, I read how freeing it can be to simply sit down with some dried flowers without any prior thought as to how you're going to do it and just paint. Now that I've tried it, I couldn't agree more. Here's why:

By allowing yourself to pick up a brush and paint without any artistic direction, you're removing the pressure of putting yourself in a box to have to complete your painting in a specific way. It also gives your creative soul permission to release any emotions trapped within, giving them wings to fly and possibly even heal. Life is good but life is also challenging and finding ways to help us cope along the way is important — especially to one's creative heart and mind.  I can't tell you just how freeing this was for me personally. After finishing my piece, I got up from the studio table feeling revitalized, smiling and excited to share this new bit of juicy wisdom with each of you this week. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your paintbrush and jump in! Discover new hope and joy within your work by setting your creative spirit free.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and upcoming week. Happy Sunday Sketches!

P.S. I'm thrilled to introduce to you my new teaser video for Ignite Your Inner Heart!

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  1. Beautiful work and a nice video...good for you, without any sketching...I've tried it and it doesn't seem to work for me so far.

  2. Alexandra , I love your flowers and the colors and the video that you made. You are really getting good with those and sharing I love it!! Lots of great things going on with your life and I am so proud of you!! Have a great rest of the weekend! Love, Jane

  3. What a delightful video you posted. I loved seeing your process in action. You created a lovely drawing.

  4. i like the loose way you paint

  5. Lovely creation of 'tiny roses' ~ so love your style and the video was an added treat ~ xo

    Happy Weekend,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. What lovely wildflowers! It can be so amazing to paint intuitively, your painting is so wonderful! Sorry for the double link up from me, I didn't notice my name was already there until after I hit enter. Thank you for linking me.

  7. I enjoyed the video. It's always amazing to see the artist's vision develop from an abstract shape to a full painting!

  8. This is really lovely, and amazing that it was painted without any sketching to start with! Thank you for sharing the video :)

  9. It's always such an incredible and awesome surprise to look at your newest/latest artwork. The flowerbunch you are sharing here is breathtaking!


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