Friday, January 10, 2014

LOVE BIG in 2014

Over the past few days, I've been reflecting on what my focus for 2014 would and should be as a newly married woman, step-mom, illustrator and full-time college student. After reading through several inspirational blogs, such as Susan over at 29 Black Street, and spending a considerable amount of time drinking tea while mulling over a handful of words (uh huh, you bet I did!) my heart settled on the word, LOVE.

I recently heard a speaker talk about new year resolutions and how many individuals often fail to complete them, purely due to setting such expectations too high.  He suggested instead of making a list of things to accomplish, why not just focus on one thing? Hearing this, I turned to Michael and mentioned how I really liked Susan's idea of choosing one word for the entire year.  This approach allows an individual to focus on the word, shifting their life around it, rather than one's life around every single resolution made, only to fail in the end.

We all fail at times in our lives, of course, and such situations allow us to grow.  However, we can grow from a myriad of things rather than waiting to fail.  For example, my word - LOVE.  What comes to mind when you hear this particular word?  For me, I hear many powerful mini-words behind it.  Such as, empowerment, passion, devotion, respect and so forth.  The thing I LOVE (ooh!  there it is again!) about this word is that I can not only allow it touch my own life in various ways but can allow it to move through me to touch and inspire those around me as well.  LOVE is endless and can change lives.  LOVE is contagious.  LOVE is healing, to you and others.  LOVE can and will inspire...if you let it into your own heart.  LOVE yourself and you'll find you'll LOVE others just as much, if not more!


  1. you truly have chosen a powerful, intimate and inspiring word and a word that is full of so many meanings and so much spirit. I think it is an amazing companion to walk through a year with!

    I have not settled on a word this year. I have considered many and in doing so had a wonderful time and have learned and been deeply inspired.

    One thing i have noticed that other peoples words become an influence on me as well. Other peoples words i am gathering so far: simplify, patience and now love.

    wishing you love!

  2. what an amazing inspirational post, best wishes to you lovely lady and your wonderful husband,

  3. lovely post! Go forward in love Alexandra! (and Michael)!

  4. I LOVE that you are doing this and picking your year word. How appropriate for you to choose LOVE, as this is going to be your best year ever to experience a love like you have never dreamed of before. So excited, as always, as you begin this new year in your life, new memories, new chapters, new LOVE..... Love you!!! Jane

  5. A very beautiful and inspiring post! I Love it!!! Big Hugs ;o)


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