Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WOYWW - Feels Good!

Hooray!  Fall semester is completed and I've got 6 entire weeks to frollic in the snow, make art and do whatever I want.  Well, almost whatever I want!  Uh huh :D

Since I've last participated in WOYWW, I've found a way to rearrange my room and creating a cozy setting to doodle away at my desk.  What do you think?  I'm loving the view and have spent the past two mornings nestled up with a hot cuppa, Christmas music, my hot water bottle - all the while being surrounded by my wonderful art supplies.  Ahhhh...home at last!  Hee

OK.  I'm off to see what everyone else have been up to the past oh, two months!  :)


For more wonderful, creative desks, please visit WOYWW.


  1. How cozy. You enjoy your time off!

  2. I'm just popping by to say....
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with everything that makes you happy.
    A x #38

  3. lovely space
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    TFS Happy WOYWW Mrs.C.xx #34

  4. Ah a desk with a view and great natural light, fabulous.

    Happy WOYWW

    kyla #50

  5. How lovely to be able to look out on the world from your desk. Your art work is amazing. Happy Wednesday and Happy Christmas, too. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@45)

  6. 6 weeks off, how do you manage that? DS only has just over 2 weeks off school, colleges may get 4 weeks, but SIX - only in the Summer here. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Christmas BJ#1.

  7. Enjoy your 6 weeks ;o) Have fun and create ;o)

  8. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Playing with watercolours seems to be the theme this week. Congrats on doing so well in your studies. Wishing you a wonderful christmas.
    Sandra @17

  9. Oh lucky you...a desk with a view! Are those pan pastels I see?! Happy Holidays! Nan 75

  10. What a lovely spot to be able to work in! Those paint palettes look very useful!
    Thanks for stopping by! Happy (late) WOYWW and a very Happy Christmas!

  11. Wow - that IS a desk with a view! And you're right, it does feel cosy. There's a Welsh word, cwtch (pronounced cootch) which is a hidey hole, a tucked away spot and even a in 'Come and have a cwtch with me!'. Your desk seems to sum all that up really :)
    Happy Christmas!
    LLJ #25 xx

  12. How I wish I had a desk with a view too. Ah well, can dream. Love your desk and love the way you have fun things showing on it.
    Enjoy the snow!
    Happy Christmas.
    Hugs, Neet 12 xx

  13. It is a lovely setting to sit and craft and I'm sure you'll enjoy being off for a few weeks. Thanks for calling in on me and I wish you and those you love a very Merry Christmas.
    Jo x

  14. Hi Alexandra,

    Thank you for popping by the Playhouse! I can feel your happiness being FREE for six whole weeks! Yippee!! Love your watercolor in the photo!

    Happy Holidays! Darnell #32


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