Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Sketches & Courage

Everyone has a story.  I'm a firm believer in that.  Each day we walk a path, leave a trail behind us and build on our story every step we make.  Please take the time to read what I've written below It's important to me and I've finally found the courage to share these words with you today.

With that said, for those of you who only know me as "Sophia" here in cyber world, let me tell you real name is Alexandra. (tears here)

You see, I came from a tragic life of child abuse and domestic violence but I AM the IMPOSSIBLE.  I'm an OVERCOMER.

For I chose to overcome my past not through drugs, alcohol or any crazy addiction (unlike most who unfortunately find themselves in such a situation do), but I did it through extensive domestic violence counseling, my faith and sharing my story with thousands of people across the world.  Speaking out brought great healing to a broken heart/life.

I won't go into any further detail on this post but if you would like to know more and how/where I got involved, you can visit You can find the about me here.  It's a place of courage, healing and hope for anyone who is or has gone through abuse.  It will change your life.

For obvious reasons above, I protected my identity for several years.  It was important for me to feel comfortable and safe.  I've come a long way over the past 4 years, and I've never been happier.  I'm doing what I love - art and finishing my undergrad studies so I can begin Law School.  In the end, I WILL be a lawyer, changing the lives/community around me.

Thank you, everyone, for your amazing support, love and encouragement these past several years. I hope that you will continue to walk with me as I persevere on to bigger and better things.

Much love to you all! xo


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  1. How very cute :)

  2. Pleased to meet you Alexandra! Wishing you many sunny days ahead and thank you for sharing your story. You are a survivor!

  3. Thank you for sharing this and being so brave... I am in awe of your courage and your generosity in setting up such a wonderful website to help others to heal the way you are... and you are going to be the most extraordinary lawyer and bring your wonderful talents to helping people... so proud...xx

  4. Time to go to bed for me. It's Saturday night, but for you it must me Sunday morning, I guess.
    Lovely painting!!

  5. First your painting is adorable and excellent as always ~ Secondly, in my 'past life' I worked as a psych prof and a psychotherapist and understand the 'courage' it takes to live life well despite the tragedies ~ You are one strong, courageous and loving woman ~ I am proud to know you (on line) and wish for you whatever you wish for yourself ~ lots of healing hugs to you and thank you for sharing 'your story' ~ I will read more at the link you posted ~ Thanks for hosting this wonderful blog hop ~ namaste, ^_^

  6. I could barely read your story through my tears. Alexandra I am so proud of what you have done with your life. You give me hope that I could heal. I have felt I don't deserve to heal because how could I have let the abuse happen. I am working on my healing. I hope someday I can let people know that anyone can become whole regardless of their age or what has happen to them. Art too has become part of my healing process.We share so much. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Alexandra...I KNEW you were special! You are..thanks for sharing your story with your cybersisters out here. Love you, girl! So important to bring domestic violence out in the open...had my own experiences with it in a marriage, but had a great support system in my family and got the hell out! So happy you made it through...xxoo

  8. ..and now I understand your art so much more....xxoo to you, little cybersister!

  9. Dearest Alexandra, I can't even express the feeling I have towards you right now, I have two very close (and special) people in my lives who were also the subjects of horrible child abuse - So I can see your pain - and also the incredible strength you've expressed. Many blessings again.

  10. Yay..shine on ..heart-touching story...massive hugs to you and your beautiful spirit! I am happy you are blessed with happiness and joy now..keep shining!

  11. Love your pretty sketch, in spite of it all! You're a wonderful person Alexandra, I've always felt that! And what a pretty name! Good luck for the future, filled with hope!

  12. Are beautiful and cute your sketches.

  13. Alex, I've treasured our friendship over the years. I've always admired your strength and courage and am pleased that you finally feel comfortable taking this step. I realize how scary it must be, but I'm sure you'll agree it's also empowering.

    I'm so very proud of you, always have been. :)

    Love forever,

  14. I've just had the time to read your post, dear. In the last days I've been reading a lot about domestic violence and abuse in blogs. I have realized that there is a world made of thousands of abused children, and that we can chat with people and don't even imagine how bad their lives are.....
    I've been lucky. My mother ONLY used to beat us children and used mental tricks. It affected me, I know, and still does.
    I think that being able to "come out" and speak about your situation is positive and good for you.
    Keep shining!

  15. You are amazingly strong my friend and an inspiration to us all. Keep leading us through as you shine your light. Warmest wishes.xxxx

  16. dear Alexandra, i just visited hope to dream and read your posts with such sadness and horror. i want to give you a big big hug and tell you that i am so glad that you have been able to heal and hope and inspire others to do the same. that you are able to overcome such experiences shows me that with God nothing is impossible. all the best for your future! thank you so much for sharing.

  17. Finally I can call you Alexandra... tears here too. That took some courage to finally tell everyone your real name. The main courage you have shown is to change your life against all the odds. I have people around me who have done that too. It's wonderful. You are going from strength to strength....Good on you girl....high five..hugs to you... xx nearly your happy paintings.. :)

  18. thanks for sharing your story and giving strength to so many others, Alexandra. What a wonderful advocate you are!

  19. I am so very proud of you! Today is a day full of new beginnings for you - I am proud to know you here on line...and know someday we will share a STARBUCKS together!

    Also - love the new sketches - the first one is too cute and totally captures your style...
    I think the 2nd one is an amazing reminder for ALL of us and you can totally do some great things with uplifting art like that!

  20. PS: I forgot to mention..beautiful art..gorgeous just like your soul. and again..sharing your story and shining with your courage is very empowering for many out there who cannot yet are amazing and inspiring! hugs and blessings!
    HUgs and hugs

  21. Wowowowow. I had no idea, but I just read the about me page, and well, all I can say is I'm incredibly happy for you that you've overcome those years of abuse and have become such a positive, forward-thinking person. You'll do great things as an attorney--you're already doing great things; spearheading this artist community is just one of them. Thanks for sharing your story, and your name. I'm sure it wasn't a decision made lightly.

  22. Thank you for sharing your strength with all of us. Your post is written with such courage and hope for the future. This is only the second time that I have been to Sunday Sketches but I know that I will visit you and your site often. Good luck in all of the wonderful things that are going to be part of your future.

    Thank you also for sharing your wonderful art work with us.

  23. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing this. I know you'll affect so many lives through your art and as a lawyer. God bless you!

  24. OMGosh, Sophia/Alexandra! I too have come from a very troubled and abusive past. I chose everyday to NOT use substances or use my past troubles as an excuse to be mean to people. So many others do! I am proud of you for making a positive difference in this world. Thank you so much for sharing. You are so encouraging! xoxo

    Loving your S Sketches today. Your keeps getting better and better. :) My goal is to post SS every Sunday. I missed it last week I was so bummed.

  25. Alexandra.... wow. You truly are an inspiration, to have survived such things and chosen to LIVE and to be LOVING. I am praying for you, that you continue to heal and that you can make huge differences in the lives of others. :)

  26. You are such a courageous person! I'm thrilled to hear that you are in school and will be a lawyer helping others someday. Because of your website and outreach to others, you already are making a difference! Also, I love both of your art pieces today.xoxo

  27. wow - beautiful work from a beautiful soul is right!!!! Your courage and encouragement will help many others heal too!!!! You go and get that dream!!!!
    cheers, dana

  28. You are a great wonderful, strong person. Your past should only pave the way to a more powerful person and a great attorney. Let there be all the best in your life , creatively, professionally, personally.

  29. Alexadnra, I am proud to say that I have known you quite some time befor you today you revealed your real name. I was very proud to knkow you then, and I am proud to know you now. Your art has helped you along the way and always hs shown a deep and caring soul. For yourself and others. Love from my heart to yours.

  30. Very cute drawing i like the furry pup!

  31. Alexandra, so good to know your real name and for you to let us know more about you. You've been through hard times and you're turning over pages and going your way now, your art and all ways to express yourself are such big helps, I want to wish you the best for all your dreams and aspirations!

  32. Alexandra, you are very brave and an inspiration to many. God speed in your continued journey.

  33. Alexandra... such a beautiful name for a beautiful and courageous woman!! So happy to know you! You are a true inspiration! ((big hugs))

  34. Much love right back at you ;o) Happy to know you, Alexandra ;o) I am proud of you! Big Hugs ;o)

  35. A beautiful post, painting and inspiration! So happy for you...wishing you nothing but GREAT things to come!

  36. Alexandra thank you so much for sharing with us. Your art has been an inspiration as your story will now be. You will help so many sharing this. I admire your courage.

    Thanks again for being such a gracious host once again!


  37. I haven't been by in awhile but i am glad I stopped today and linked up. you are so brave to share your story!!! I'll stop by more often. Wishing you all good things!

  38. Bless your heart Alexandra....I have always loved your strength and your courage to over come the past and look ahead with shining eyes to your are doing amazing things helping others who have sadly also walked in your shoes...

  39. Your story is courageous and will help so many people that is abuse or had been abused. Thank you for sharing it with us Alexandra.

    Tons of blessings to you!!!

    p.s your illustration is so cute!! love it!

  40. Thank you for sharing your story, you are doing really well. I admire your strength and hard work. A few Sunday flowers for you :)

  41. Wow! After reading your story my heart aches for what you have been through Alexandra. I send you a great BIG virtual hug. I can only imagine the courage needed to share with us your story. I am sure sharing your story will help others share theirs and in turn promote healing.
    I'm still admiring the painting of houses I brought from you on Etsy. It is up in my studio and inspires me.
    Great illustration, as usual.
    Wishing you many blessings and a future full of LOVE and happiness.
    Hugs, Kyles xoxo

  42. cute drawings.

    it takes a lot to even admit something even on a blog but I hope you have many many happy days to come.

  43. COURAGE, YES! My heart goes out to you and your incredible journey. May you continue to grace sooo many people. Thank you, Alexandra!

    P.S. Missed posting on Sunday as I had a surprise weekend visit from my grandson :)

  44. thanks for sharing. It must take great courage. Love it that you have overcome! much love..

  45. Thank you for the honest introduction. There is such a peacefulness about your site.

  46. Alexandra,je verhaal gelezen,dit gun je niemand
    al helemaal geen kind.
    ik ben onder de indruk van je verhaal
    en dat je hebt kunnen vergeven......
    zo dat je weer verder kunt met je leven.
    Je hebt een mooie hobby het tekenen je
    kunt er veel in kwijt en het laten leven.
    Je bent een lief mens ik heb bewondering
    voor jou met heel mijn hart
    Een lieve groet en een knuffel.

    1. Christiene,

      Thank you for your wonderful, sweet comment. I appreciate your words.

      Alexandra, read your story, this gun you no
      certainly not a child.
      I'm impressed by your story
      and that you can forgive ......
      so you can continue with your life again.
      You have a nice hobby drawing you
      can lose a lot in and let live.
      You are a sweet person I admire
      for you with all my heart
      A sweet greeting and a hug.

  47. I wpuld like to be there in every moment to help,all the children not to be abused a bighug


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