Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sunday Sketches

Hello and thank you for joining us once again here at Sunday Sketches!

I've actually been quite busy this past week (alot of transitioning going on) but managed to throw a few things to paper for this week - this is one of them.  One thing I'd like to "master" is creating/painting anything that is glass.  I still get too much blue in the mix.  Grr.  :D  Hee

Anyway, I do hope that everyone is having a great weekend.  There's a lot of snow here, so I'm staying tucked away inside where it's warm and cozy!

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This week's participants:
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  1. goodevening Sophia, I hope you had a good week, thankyou for hosting Sunday Sketches,

  2. Another adorable and well done sketch ~ glad you are cozy and warm ~ namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy SS ^_^

  3. lovely pieces! glass is HARD to convey, but can be very fun! We have had basically no snow this winter! surprising...

  4. Wonderful sketch/painting Sophia. I have never even tried to paint glass. I look forward to seeing you pieces.

  5. Nice tea sketch! I do get that it's glass, maybe just the bluish kind!

  6. love the colours Sophia.
    What brand paints do you use?

  7. Beautiful sketch, but even more awesome the way you photographed it. Love you!

  8. Happy Weekend!! Love your sketch!

  9. I remember painting glass for art homework at school. I don't think I've attempted it since! Brave girl :)

    I adore your teddies by the way - I want to cuddle them!

  10. Well I think your sketch has a certain charm to it! Patsy from

  11. Lovely sketch - so simple but yet perfect! ^_^
    Have a great Sunday!


  12. HI Sophia..beautiful..oh those tea cups..I'll take the blue one please! Also love the tea jar and the tea in side..very charming..the yellow glowing of the backdrop is very warming and peaceful too.. a perfect moment!!Gorgeous post!Have a magical week ahead! and thankyou for always hosting!

  13. Good morning - Enjoy the snow - you lucky girl - I would love a Snow Day, here!
    I will join you for a cup of tea with those adorable cups you have in this painting!
    very sweet.
    Enjoy your day!

  14. I am so happy, bouncy to have something to offer for Sunday Sketches this week. It has been so long since I've arted. I am excited :D

    Thank you as always for hosting this. You have inspired several of my better works just by holding this motivational challenge every week. Thank you so much.

    And yes, glass is a fascinating subject to draw. As is water.

    (a little hysterical having achieved exactly what I set out to do today)

  15. Hello! Is it ok if I show my illustrations rather than sketches every Saturday/Sunday? I wanted to go above and beyond with my works.

  16. Your illustrations always make me smile. And I know what you mean about the glass. I can't seem to get it right now matter how hard I try. :-)

    Stay warm!!

  17. I think that your style is changing slightly and I like it.
    Last night it snowed quite a lot here so we are staying indoors too.
    Keep warm Sophia. XXXX

  18. Glass is so hard! Great job.

    I finally sketched something!! It's been awhile. Great to be back.

  19. I want to go drink some tea now! Fun piece, love the tea cups!

  20. Looks like tea time! Fun sketch :)

    Maybe the glass needs a highlight?

  21. Loving your wonderful watercolor sketches! Happy Sunday Sketches

  22. I agree that painting glass is a challenge! Have a great week :)

  23. I think you did a lovely job on this! It looks great! Stay warm!


  24. Keep Warm my friend ;o) I love your art! Even if you think you put too much blue on the glass! Big Hugs ;o)

  25. I know what you mean about painting realistic looking glass - I fail miserably at it. =)
    But - I do love this painting - it strikes very close to me in terms of the subject, I am an loyal tea drinker myself. ;)

    As always - Blessings Sophia!

  26. That bit of loveliness deserves to be framed and displayed for all the world to see!


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