Monday, January 30, 2012

Junior Bear's Journey

If you recall, I introduced Junior a few weeks back, announcing I would be creating some illustrations for an upcoming children's book.  I'm quite excited about it and am delighted to give you a sneak peak of some ideas I've put to paper thus far.  Please do keep in mind that these will be in the Beatrix Potter style.

I'm open to any ideas or thoughts.  One thing I'd like to know is how to make my sky flow better with my watercolours.  Anyone willing to give me some tips?  Hee I to dive in more.  Have a wonderful week, my bloggie friends.  :)


  1. well he's a very handsome Junior Bear,

  2. What I have found to work the best is to use high quality paper and paints. Arches paper and Grumbacher or Windsor and Newton paint, the higher quality paint (Professional grade) gives you the best results. It's worth the money. This is just my opinion and what I use.

  3. great bear, very handsome..=]
    about the sky, maybe it'll be better if you mix extra water with colour..can make it looks better..*just my thought*


  4. Wonderful illustration! when I do my sky (cuz sky trips me up sometimes too) I use very very little paint wet the paper and drop in color. Gives the impression of clouds. Also the sky won't compete with the content of the illustration if it's very little color. :)

  5. This one brought a smile to my face, so cute!

  6. congratulations on your upcoming book... the sketches look like you are off to a wonderful start.

  7. These are so cute!! I am sorry, I don't paint in water colors. I am sure they will turn out great! Have a great day!

  8. junior is cute...i like the stretching guy!
    when i do sky work in watercolor i sometimes wet the paper first and then drop in color - using various amounts of color saturation...
    what colors are you going to use for it?
    i am so proud of YOU!

  9. You are so clever, these are wonderful!

  10. What a little cutsie tootsie! This is going to do very well for you dear Sophia.
    Millie xx

  11. Cute hugzy Bear! I have a huge 5 ft talk brown bear at home. :-D


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