Tuesday, January 24, 2012


warm, snug, intimate, hot water bottle, puppy kisses, ballet shoes, soft blankets, hot cuppas, croissants, porridge, snuzzles, content, comforted, candles

Tell me, my lovely peeps.  What things make your life "cozy" in this sometimes crazy world of ours?  Would love to know! :)


  1. My bed. But not really the bed - its the fact that my bed is in my closet - that has a wall (book)shelf and a light and lots of cozy blankets and pillows. =) Cozy things are the best.

  2. Duvets, hot chocolate, TV, scented candles, open fires, a good book, blogging friends, our children/grandchildren, a glass of red wine, chocolate, homemade soup ..... I've just realised that my 'cosy' things consist of lots of food and drink !!!! haha. XXXX

  3. ...squishy cushions ~ warm aqua bubbles ~ poppet kitty lap warmer ~ heart felt stories like the one above! ~ yummy slippers ~ good friends ~ solar kisses ~ fruit toasties ~ soul connections ~ kindred ~ runny honey ~ dry roof over my head ~ solace...
    ...thankyoU for sharing your COSY! ~ blessed be!...

  4. Love your cozy thoughts! It think mine would have to be the coffee and a warm blanket...in front of the fireplace of course. :-)

  5. beautiful representaion of cozy!!! Did I spell that right, lol.
    For me , a lot of the same as you.
    My throw, my chair, my husbands arms around me, firplace lit,

  6. I love all the same things!!!!!!!!!!!



  7. cozy to me is...
    my house
    hugs with my kids and STARBUCKS of course ( at home in my studio)!

  8. I love this post!! Cozy for me, a warm fire, a nice big blanket and a cup of hot chocolate ;o) Big Hugs, Stacy

  9. lovely gathering of pic-coziness!
    sitting by the fire (when I have one) slippers w/toasty knit socks, my old italian knit sweater that was my mom's, and a big tall hot grande white mocha! That's my thought tonight though....

  10. Hot chocolate sounds good right now.

  11. Milk & chocolate, my bed, reading a book curled on the sofa, using hair dryer in winter, my cats purring. I'm a very nervous individual always trying to calm down. :))

  12. hello,

    i was just re-looking at your gift card paintings, so lovely and such a great idea. my world gets cozy with nice writing pens, cashmere sweaters and beeswax candles.....
    good friends and family
    trees and butterflies....

  13. Warm and cozy on the couch, writing, sketching, painting with my little muse doggie nearby, walking, reading, meditating, journaling and reading in bed which is what I am going to do next ~
    Know that your Dad is 'watching over you' and his energy is all around you, dear one' ~ you are loved.

  14. doggies! kitties! horsies! goats! all sorts of animals - the furrier and fuzzier the better (can apply to people sometimes ;)

  15. My son's cuddles, cat cuddles and boyfriend cuddles - if all at once then so much the better!

  16. You had me at puppy kisses. ~Mary


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