Saturday, September 03, 2011

My Sweet Saturdays

I love my Saturday mornings.  Although I rarely sleep in incredibly late, I allow myself to stay tucked away underneath a pile of comforters a wee bit longer than any weekday morning, and let me tell you how delightful that can be!  Uh huh.

But before too long, my inner being begins to long for that perfectly made morning hot cuppa.  I toss back the covers, slowly make my way to the kitchen and fill my silver teapot with water. Then I eagerly await the sound of that soft whistle calling out my name, welcoming me to a brand new day.

My Sweet Saturdays are filled with tea, raisin bread, cakes, croissants...whatever my heart needs to feel content.  Ahhh, such bliss.  :)

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  1. I'm just having a plain chocolate covered ginger biscuit with a coffee for my breakfast. Deliciously decadent!

  2. Good morning my friend!
    your saturday sounds just delightful...i love being home and taking it described a wonderful feeling here, perfectly....I love your picture, too! hee - great mug! :) xo
    have a great day - enjoy the signs of autumn

  3. Sophia, this is the perfect Sweet Saturday, I feel your contentment.

  4. What a perfect morning. Have a great long weekend.

  5. I to stay tucked away on is a bit of heaven:)

    hugs my friend

  6. @ Heather - tee hee You noticed that, huh? :D

  7. Hi Sophia! Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Sweet Saturday! Thrilled that you shared this with us!!!!!

  8. you are a wonderful words smith,,

  9. That does sound sweet. :) I can't eat sweets for breakfast though. I go into a food frenzie if I do. :)


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