Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lovely Day

I've had quite the lovely today and much needed, let me tell you.  I climbed out of bed early for a Sunday morning, threw on my yoga pants and tee, and made my way to the gym.  You'd be surprised at the pep talk I give myself every morning, but let me tell you how great I feel physically and emotionally after a 40 minute workout.  Uh huh  No, I'm not one of those rock-hard girls nor do I want to be, but I like to be fairly fit.

After a rejuvenating shower I found myself in the kitchen mixing together my own special batter to make French Toast served with eggs, a small glass of Cranberry juice and the perfect cuppa of PG Tips.

Breakfast was followed by a casual half hour walk with the pups, reflecting on life, my father, friends, God and some challenging upcoming changes in my life.  Nothing could ever replace those moments of being able to seek solitude and peace when life seems to be barreling out of control at times.

Last but not least, I drove to one of my favourite local towns where I perused a few shops including a fabulous paper shop (see photos above), a garden store, and chocolate shop with the best dark chocolate truffles around.

Uh huh..this little gal had quite a lovely day.


  1. its great to hear you had a great YOU day,, I think you needed that,,

  2. So glad to hear! Thinking of you. Love, Paula

  3. it sounds like perfection. And it is so nice to see you enjoying yourself my friend, you deserve it :)


  4. so glad you had such a great day doing the things you love!

  5. Good for you. And I agree working out does help set the mood for the day.


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