Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Sketches

Can you believe it's Sunday again? Phew!  Hope this little note finds each of you doing well.

Above is a watercolour I did for a friend yesterday as a gift for their birthday.  It's obviously just a beginner piece (as I have alot of techniques to learn) but it was fun and I did challenge myself with it.

Firstly, there were no lines for me to follow this time around.  I simply picked up the brush, painted and then added lines/detail afterwards.  Also, I've officially started using actual watercolour paints. No more watercolour pencils, at least for now.  I have to admit, I still love the use of my water brush though as there's so much more control and freedom with it.  Not too bad for the first time around!

Now, off to see what everyone else has done this week.  Happy SS!  :)

This week's participants:
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  1. Lovely sketch, Sophia. I have had trouble with Mr Linky, so just in case, my place is here:

  2. Hi Sophia!

    What a beautiful piece! I think the colours you have chosen are bright and beautiful. I really liked hearing of your technique of painting first then adding the detail I've never tried it that way before. I think you are a natural with water colour!! Great piece!
    I tried to add my link but I'm not sure it worked, your blog is a bit different from my last visit. Could you let me know and if not I"ll try again. Hope you're having a good weekend. Hugs xoxo

  3. That is way past beginner...I love it!!!!
    cheers, dana

  4. Sophia, this is lovely, and congrats on moving to actual watercolours, I'm still using the pencils. What a beautiful gift.

  5. Use both together! Don't feel that you have to use just one medium exclusively~~I am sure combining them will help you get a comfort factor in your work and you'll soon be working with the regular watercolors no problemo!
    I would like to be in the middle of your painting.... ;-)
    Take care sweetie!


  6. Oh this is lovely Sophia. I really like the colours and the little family of birds in the foreground are so cute:)

  7. Hi Sophia--- Lovely to see you popping into my world! Think of you often xx

  8. Always a pleasure to pop by on a Sunday and see what you and the gang are up to.

    Your picture is lovely - yes, let's be brave and try something new!! I wrote about that today too - moving away from comfort zones...

    Watercolours are really tricky - no room for error, but the finished results are so pretty.

  9. Very well done Sophia, you have a great start with watercolor and you will find as you progress that they are wonderful to use.

  10. This is fabulous...I love the simplicity of the landscape with the tiny building in the distance! It has a very fresh farm feel to it...I love that! Happy Sunday, my friend. Enjoy the day! xo

  11. Wonderful watercolor and I'm sure will be treasured by your friend! Happy Sunday Sketches..always fun to pop by everyone's pages to see what they've been up to!

  12. its wonderful, but then all your pieces are :)

    hugs and happy weekend friend

  13. Hi Sophia!!!! your watercolour piece is awesome...your friend will be so thrilled .....I love giving and receiving art for gifts...I find it is so touching!!!

    Thank you for hosting your Sunday Sketches!!!

  14. Sophia, nice watercolor. Those things can be really tricky She's a very lucky friend! :) I know she will love it.

  15. You did a great job, beautiful!

  16. Great job Sophia! I love the angel of the house, and the colors you used blend so well. I really like this one! Happy Sunday! xoxo

  17. Gorgeous Miss Sophia! I so admire how you use watercolors! You know I struggle!!!

    I love the peaceful feel of this piece!


  18. Yes, watercolor can give you the feeling of freedom which is very apparent in your painting. Enjoy!

  19. Simple and beautiful. Like the farm I always dream of.

  20. That is lovely Sophia, one of your best I think and what a wonderful gift for your friend. I don't think that you could call it a beginners piece. XXXX

  21. Fantastic painting Sophia....looks like you've been doing this all your life....

  22. This does not look like a beginner piece. It is simply BEAUTIFUL! Your friend is going to love it...and what a lovely gift.

    Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday!


  23. it's lovely. I wish have your skills. I'm not very good with water color or even a brush.

    have a sweet day.

  24. Hi Sophia!

    This is such a wonderfully thoughtful birthday gift - what a lucky friend :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday (I'm later than usual because the weather here is finally great! Yay!!!)


  25. Your friend must have loved this. That windmill behind the house was a nice touch. And good for you for just going for paint, then details with lines. That's a technique I have yet to master or even try all that much.

    Anyway hope you're enjoying your weekend.

  26. hello Sophia,
    How wonderful that you took paint to paper and began to create. I think it is quite charming and wonderful. I can only sense that it will be cherished.

  27. Dang it. I thought I commented already.

    Anyways...thanks for fixing my link. I really love your watercolor it reminds me of well...where I live!


  28. sophia,
    That is really cute; nice job! I like the windmill in the back :)
    Have a lovely day!
    Can only post right now as anonymous...

  29. Hi Sophia!
    Love your watercolor, especially the subject, since I love the country! I wish I had more time, because watercolor would be something that I would add to my life. It's my absolute favorite medium!

  30. What a lovely piece. I would not assume this was a beginners work at all :)


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