Friday, July 19, 2019

Say Something Special

Exciting news! I’m joining the Manuscript Pen Company once again this year for the 2019 World Calligraphy Day and the "Say Something Special" campaign for the children at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital

I'm hosting a very special giveaway for this wonderful occasion. Won't you JOIN ME for your chance to WIN your very own set of their Aqua Water Brushes and a Traditional Calligraphy Pen Set.

• Sketch any animal of your choice with a dip pen
• Add a special message for the children
• Post to your blog and tag/message me
• Contest is open to national & international
• Deadline is August 14th

Got questions? Leave a comment below. Let's bring some cheer to the children of the Birmingham hospital!


  1. How wonderful! I would like to do this...I love the one you made...

  2. This sounds wonderful, I love to sketch with my pen and ink, I learned dip pen in high school and still have pen and beautiful indigo ink, I have bought others over the years but none work as well , your,
    “ you are brave “ sketch is perfect! Have the best day !

    1. Ohhh, I didn't know that about you, Laurie. How cool is that? Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


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