Thursday, March 29, 2018

Scribble Picnic: Start HARE

Oh gosh, I'm having way too many late nights lately...and tonight is one of them. It's 1:30 (Kentucky time) in the morning and I'm just squeezing in under the wire for getting my Scribble Picnic submitted for this week's theme - egg hunt! Phew!

Every year, the rabbits in Thickleberry Village holds their annual egg hunt. You surely don't want to miss it as one will find plenty of snacks and things to nibble on throughout the entire day. Uh huh. Including Mr. Puddlesworth's 3-Tier Vanilla cake filled with strawberry jam.  Mmmm

Here's to a wonderful picnic event and wishing everyone a wonderful Easter week/weekend!


  1. This is so cute Alexandra, you and Michael both did chicks.

  2. Love your Bunny family. Their outfits are so cute and I'm happy to see that Momma Bunny's tummy hangs below her top just like mine...hahaha.

    Have a blessed Easter.

  3. This is just lovely ...

    All the best Jan

  4. I have to laugh that we both did checks. Well, yours are way cuter in fat. :-) As it is, I love the story that goes with this picture and how well you have drawn yet, imagining the same. The cross looks amazing as to the plants coming up in the foreground. And yes please may I have a piece of that fantastic cake. So pretty. This is truly one of your very best pieces. I love it so much. And thank you so much for doing it for scrabble picnic! You must’ve put a lot of time into this. A true labor of love.

    Ha ha, aren’t you glad that Colorado is two hours behind Kentucky time or you would’ve missed it!

  5. Sweet and fun! Your characters are so endearing. I always want to know more of the story. Happy Easter!

  6. Very sweet egg hunt! I WANT that cake!!! Happy Easter! xx

  7. Cute scene, though I'm a bit concerned that the sweet little chicks may not be able to fit any eggs in their wee baskets. Or perhaps there are also some tiny eggs truly hidden in that lush grass!

    Woohoo! Finally mine was not the last entry for a picnic, which it probably would have been if I had taken time to decorate my eggs as prettily as you did.


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