Saturday, November 18, 2017

Celebrating the season

We put up our Christmas tree today. Yes, a tad early but seeing that we'll be in California next week for Thanksgiving, and then off to the mountains a few days after we return for our wedding anniversary, it seemed fitting. (Typically, I put it up and decorate the evening of Thanksgiving Day.)

So much is going on this holiday season. We'll be traveling way more than I've traveled these last 46 years I've been living on the face of this earth! Ha! There'll be a lot of memories built this year and it's incredibly exciting. We'll be visiting Michael's family for Thanksgiving, celebrating our 4 year anniversary, heading to the cabin for a few days with the children for our annual "Christmas in the Cabin" and then off to Kentucky to spend Christmas with my family for the first time in 13+ years! In fact, Michael will be meeting my family for the very first time. my mother is also remarrying!

With that said, I'll be busy rolling out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and working very late the next several days in order to meet deadlines. I'm getting a bit nervous! Cross your fingers! For now, enjoy a little peek at our Christmas tree, shining brightly in the corner of our living room tonight.



  1. Happy anniversary, has it been 4 years already, I still think of you and Michael as newlyweds! Safe travels!

  2. So lovely to see your tree! We cannot wait to get ours up this coming weekend as well.

    So much travel and adventure! Happy 4th anniversary to you both and may the holidays and the time spent with family old and new be all that you wish for and more. :)

    Good luck on those deadlines too!

  3. You drawing is very sweet Alexandra! :) I love your Christmas tree!!! We always wait until about December 10th-ish to get ours. We go to a tree farm and choose one, it's really nice to have the fresh smell of the tree in the house. We can't start too early, it would be a terrible temptation for the cats lol...3 weeks is all they can muster before their self-control stops and we find ornaments rolling around the living room! Your Christmas In The Cabin sounds so cozy and fun! I think my traveling days are done. I'm just happy to be at home these days! I hope you two enjoy your travels, your Thanksgiving and your anniversary! :)

  4. nice pretty shiny tree :D

    you guys are going to be so busy, you wont know where you are from day to day almost. have a good time tho!

  5. Your tree is beautiful. And I love the drawing. Such a sweet scene - looks so warm and cozy. Happy Thanksgiving and happy anniversary too! May you have safe and wonder-filled travels!

  6. Your tree looks lovely.
    You've got a busy time ahead.
    Stay safe and have fun.

    All the best Jan

  7. So much going on! Love your tree! Adorable drawing! Congrats to your mom! Big Hugs!


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