Sunday, October 08, 2017

Inktober Days 7 & 8

I've had to really push through these last few days of Inktober. Today was especially challenging, trying to figure out how to illustrate a tree/grass/dirt/roots above and through my fox hole. In the end, both illustrations were finished and off we go to day 9!

Speaking of day 9, we've had lovely weather the past two days but tomorrow, we're expecting a foot of snow! Uh huh My thoughts exactly! :)


  1. Well, that fox is doing exactly what I expect you and Michael will be doing with a foot of snow due! Both of these are charming creations and a delight to see!

  2. Lovely pieces, time to get out the snow boots!

  3. both look great, you can really tell you are trying to improve the way you are working :)

    keep the snow there lol :p

  4. These both are truly amazing! Love!


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