Friday, December 09, 2016

Countdown to Christmas Day 9 (Circle of Love)

This little family of bears are celebrating by dancing with joy around their decorated Christmas tree. What a lovely sight to see! Have you put up your tree, yet? If so, what is your family tradition for putting up/decorating your holiday tree? Enjoy today's Countdown to Christmas illo advent day 9.


  1. nope, no tree up yet. need to clear a corner, hopefully in the next few days :)

    nice bright lights on the tree in your drawing :)

  2. I love this!! So sweet! Mom doesn't put up a tree anymore! I miss not having a tree, but we do put up other decorations. Big Hugs!

  3. so cute...usually it's just me that puts it up!

  4. Adorable! Glad things are settling down for you and M - please thank him for all those amazing comments recently - I do love hearing from him. Haven't been able to catch up with my comments - we leave for London tonight and life has been crazy busy. Hoping things will calm down in the New Year - though doubtful!
    Happy Christmas to you both and your loved ones. May each day be filled with special blessings - you are such a lovely couple.
    Hugs and love - Mary

  5. Ahh, those cute bears are having fun.
    Our tree will be put up tomorrow, we always try to time it for two weeks before Christmas day.
    Yvonne x

  6. We got ours up last week! Sofie and I will spend the night trimming it with our favorite ornaments. For me there is a little Santa ornament and those old, impossibly thin glass ornaments saved from my childhood, then wooden Danish star ornaments and a tree topping bird from her childhood. And then dozens of red origami bows and ornaments that we have made over the years too. Only white lights on the tree and sometimes we'll string popcorn and we did cranberries one year for garland. . . . And I will spend a bit of reflective morning time remembering the trees of my youth, the train and village under it, the music box manger, the endless streams of tinsel (my mother's favorite) but what I miss most is the endless parade of holiday cookies from my great aunts and grandmother. It started right after Thanksgiving and didn't let up til New Years!! Nut Roll, Poppyseed Roll, Apricot Tea Dainties, Lady Locks, Black Walnut cookies, Buckeyes, Cattern Cakes, Thumbprints, Rugulach (sp?) and on and on and on.

    The drawing is ADORABLE! I was just playing the "Welcome Christmas" song from The Grinch last night and this reminds me of it. :)

  7. love your drawings, so good
    no christmas tree yet, we put it up on the hubby's birthday which is the 18
    and take it down on Boxing day the 26
    We have oranaments that my daughter made all thru her childhood that we put on the tree,
    and special ones that I have bought along the way
    I put the tree up and the daughter helps decorate it, the hubby sits and watches

  8. what an adorable scene! they are so happy!

    i put up 4 scrawny little table-top trees with homemade decorations. For some reason, the cats leave these alone. If it's a big tree, their pea-sized brains must see something that needs to be conquered!


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