Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Daily Sketchbook: Days 5-7

Tonight, I'm catching up with posting my daily (travel) sketchbook pages for those of you who don't have a Facebook page. I'm having a lot of fun developing my own, consistent style of illustrations and loving the idea of minimal color. What do you think?

Day 5: Inspired by the children's section in one of our local bookstores, "The Wolverine Publishing Bookstore. It's such a cute and magical corner of the bookshop!

Day 6: This illustration derived from one of our longtime, dear friends, (a vibrant, elderly chap) who loves to fly kites. His sweet wife sends us videos from time to time of him flying his kite in the big, city park!

Day 7: I've been missing my furry, cuddly studio buddy - our doggy - thus where this illustration came to life. We're so thankful Brendel is being taken care of by some wonderful friends. In fact, he's got a new buddy of his own, a Great Dane named, Hank. Hee

Enjoy these quick illustrations and I'll do my best to post them daily. Be back soon and looking forward to sharing my daily journey/thoughts with each of you.


  1. Love the minimal colour, just enough! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alexandra, these are a delight! Your work absolutely touches something in my soul. . . simple lines and themes that are filled with the "in between", the magic and open doors of childhood and of possibility. I regularly check out children's books at our library for the illustrations and the pure magic. . .

    I love the story of your kite flying friend and I am SO happy to hear that Brendel has a good home while you are going to be away. That must be a little heartbreaking even so.

    Looking forward to more! Thank you!!


    1. Awww....wow, Nicolas! Thank you very much. I appreciate your lovely, warm comment. That means a lot. My goal is for every person who looks upon my art to see/feel that childlike heart and wonder...and to never lose it!

      I'm so glad Brendel has a good temp home, too! :)

  3. Oh those are darling! I love the one with the dog especially.

  4. We are all children at heart...especially me. My inner child screams to get out each and every day, and I feel like your does, too. genie

    1. Yes, we are....or we should be. That's what keeps us alive inside...especially as we grow older. Thank you for popping by. :)

  5. They are perfect! Love them Alexandra! You always make me smile! Hugs!


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