Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Creative Tuesdays: Postage Stamps

My love for penguins has infiltrated my illustrations over the past few holiday seasons now and thought it fitting for the current Creative Tuesdays' theme: Postage Stamps. For those of you following along my inktober journey this month, you'll see I took my day 13 sketch and took it a step further by coloring it in.

Typically, my illustrations are all hand-painted using watercolor and ink. However, tonight I thought it would be fun to take a stab at coloring my illustration via Photoshop for the first time. Last Fall I took a class online but have never really attempted to do anything since then. It was certainly enjoyable overall, watching it slowly come to life, but my poor hand was cramping horribly, practically curled up in a ball when I finished! Oh dear me.

I'm looking forward to turning some of my inktober sketches into cards in the future. Especially this little guy!


  1. awesome work in photoshop Alexandra!

  2. I agree with Christine--awesome work, Alexandra. Thank you for sharing your process, and all of your designs would make wonderful cards. I didn't get a chance to participate this time around, but I loved viewing everyone's work. :-)

  3. very cute and nice digital work :)

    if you are not using a tablet for digital work its a pain in the hand :/ if you are using a tablet, its just practice so it doesn't hurt, 9or a different pen)

  4. a friend shared this on FB, i am not sure how i got to your blog ... but i would love this as a stamp. so cute. i was super excited that maybe the po was going to do that. so cute. nice meeting you have a nice week. take care. ( :

  5. I'm loving you inktober cards and this is fun too. In fact I like the ink one the best, in keeping with your others for inktober. Great job. I never thought of penguins for Xmas season until I met you. Fun! So, that is what you were doing whilst I was watching the debate! lol. thank you for finding the time, smoots. Love it.

  6. so very sweet and cut! I wouldn't mind using this as a xmas stamp, it just perfect for it.

    hope you have a lovley day.

  7. Alexandra,
    Very exciting to see you trying different ways of colouring. I am old fashioned and have no clue how to colour on a tablet. Love your drawing and the coloured one too.


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