Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Sketches: Setting Sail Again...

This week has felt a little more normal with getting back into the routine of a few things. Although I'm still needing to find a little bit more balance with the changes of life recently, my creative soul was pleased to start painting again. Life often throws us curve balls and sometimes, it feels as if we'll never get back to the place we were before things began. In reality, we usually don't return to the exact same place we were prior to the circumstance(s) that temporarily stopped or slowed us down. Each circumstance, hopefully, helps us grow in life and when we finally set sail again we're taking a few new nuggets of wisdom along with us. Uh huh.

In fact, as I sit and look a little longer at this particular watercolor painting created earlier today, I see growth within it.  There's more fluidity and color blending within, meaning, I've discovered a bit more confidence in my artwork. This certainly calls for a celebration of sorts!  (For anyone who knows me, I'm all about celebrating!)

Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday Sketches.  Remember, be brave and SOAR to your creative dreams! ♥

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  1. Beautiful sketch! I like what you said about growing from the curve balls life throws, so true!

  2. You are phenomenal with your ability to swing and hit those curve balls. I appreciate your words of wisdom as a reminder that every experience, even the tough ones, keeps me growing stronger.

    Beautiful watercolor and love the meaning that it carries.

  3. Gorgeous! Love your flowers.

  4. Beautiful painting - makes me think of spring and happiness!

  5. Your flowers are magical! Looking at them makes me feel like being in a dream! It's phantastic to see how your beautiful collection of illustrations grow more and more and one more beautiful than the other. I admire your energy too and how you always get up from those curve-ball-situations in life. I also love it how you always put these feelings into those wonderful words.

  6. They're wonderful and beautiful! I love them! So insightful about how we grow...

  7. Oh, how very beautiful ...
    Always celebrate your gift as it's amazing!

  8. Your flower sketch has got that 'swing' ~ Beautifully done and such life giving colors! Great post!

    Happy week coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. Love your watercolor flowers and the vibrant colors, Alexandra. I am so proud of you with all of your work, illustrations and new books!! I hope you are doing good as you have been with your brother.... love to you, Jane

  10. Your painting IS RICH in bold color, your words are RICH in wisdom, courage, strength and growth! Brava!

  11. So Strange as I know I was following you on Friend Connect but somehow I got deleted ... now I see I am there again ...LOL

    Have a great day, Alexandra xx

  12. I totally agree with your words here on your art. This is one of my fave pieces of you porb already know. :)


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