Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A renewed heart, love and joy

As the sun begins to makes it's way down behind the mountaintops here, I gaze out the front window with a heart of gratitude and thanks for the love and support that has enveloped my brother and his tragic story.  It will be a brand new journey for him, not just starting life over, but somewhere new and without the love of his life.  For 18 years they stood by each other through everything. My heart is utterly broken but am hopeful his life with us here will bring a new hope and healing to his shattered heart.

With all that's going on, it's been terribly challenging getting back into my work—something that is a must with another deadline looming over the horizon.  One thing I've learned from past circumstances that tend to leave us wounded, is to find the strength to get back up and use them to bring us a renewed heart, love and joy for life.  It's not always easy, let me tell you, but it IS possible!

After a long chat this afternoon with a good friend, I found myself digging back into the illustration projects on my desk—and it felt so good!  It will be a journey over the next few months but I look forward to bonding with my younger brother and seeing what new whimsical creatures come to life in the studio. 


  1. Sending you lots of healing reiki hugs to you your family ~ Your illustration today is so appropriate ~ 'Time' ~ effective use of time ~ 'Nature deals the deck and we have play what cards we get.' eh? You are a brave and talented woman I sorry for your loss but you have a great guy and will do well ~ so creative too! xo

    Wishing you a wonder filled week,
    artmusedog and carol

  2. What a sweet illustration! I too have difficulty working when sadness engulfs me. You are so strong and kind and I love your beautiful paintings. I am sorry you and your brother are going through this hard time, I know you do your best in every way and I admire you greatly.

  3. So glad GE is coming back here and we have the opp to really make a difference in someone life like this and help him. Listening to his song on GoFundMe shows just what a talent and gift he has inside and what beauty under all that hurt and pain. I so want to help be there with you to help him shine.

    BTW, I showed this illustration in person to Betty--she adored it. I showed her my painting nearby and she said "oh, that is nice." Hahaha, got to love it. So happy for you to see your grow and shine, yourself. :) Radiant days ahead indeed.


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