Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sunday Sketches

I've been working pretty steady on custom orders for Christmas as well as the several children's books I'm currently illustrating.  It's been a great treat and joy to be able to do something almost full-time in which I love.  I feel utterly blessed to be in the place I'm currently at right now in life.  I've got a great husband, wonderful step-children, a cozy place to live...and much more.  Humbled.

Above is a little illustration I was hired to do for a little boy who is about to be born.  I felt this was so fitting and would last a lifetime hanging on the wall in his room.

Wishing everyone a fantastic Sunday!  I'm looking forward to really catching up with peeps today.

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  1. What a beautiful keepsake..... Lucky little boy:)

  2. It's so cute and cozy...just perfect!

  3. love the little mouse sleeping :) cute x

  4. such a charming piece
    truly sweet!

  5. Oh how darling! What a sweet painting!!

  6. I"m so glad everything is going so well for you! After all you've been through, you certainly deserve it! I love what you have been creating. hugs

  7. Love your little guy.. so sweet and love the colors!
    Have a great rest of the day...

  8. Ohhhhh! It's brilliant! It will be perfect for the newborn and it seems so perfect for a children's book too. AND thank you for your sweet comment - big smiles over here ;) xoxo

  9. You sound very happy and grateful! Wonderful that your illustration career is going so well :)

  10. Love that darling little mouse - great illustration!

  11. I am so happy everything is so well with you ;o)
    I love the boy illustration ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)


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