Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Creative Tuesdays: Making Music

With all that's going on, I totally missed the last round of Creative Tuesdays, but not this time.  Nope.  I just had to jump on board for the latest theme, "Found Object Art".  My initial idea was to take an old key found at a local market sale and transform it.  Alas, it didn't burst forth into something creative!  With that, I started scrounging through the kitchen and landed on this idea.  It's perfect for my weekly journal book.

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  1. Oh Alex, that is one creative illustration. Your characters are so adorable, and adding the foil and muic notes...too cute. You are such a good illustrator. I see so many children's books in your future.

  2. Alexandra this is the cutest, lol. Happy CT!

  3. that silver tin foil (is it?), is just perfect, you are so creative.

    hope you have a great day.

  4. Tin foil is a great idea to make into an accordian. Haha, love it. Cute too. But hey, did I give you permission to have this kitty use my orange wellies and scarf?! Nooooo, I don;t think so! ;) Hahah, fun fun. thank you for the smiles. Good interpretation. And thank you for surprising us all with your last minute entry. Amazed you found the time.

  5. Now Alex, has this cat secretly eaten the chocolate bar and trying to hide the evidence of the foil wrapper by turning into an accordian? Super fun illustration, as always.

  6. Oh Alexandra, How cute is that little fellow. THAT is something.. really!!.. Thank you every so much for visiting my blog and your sweet words!!!

    Kind regards

  7. This is just darling. lol What a dear little cat, and what a talented artist you are!


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