Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Sketches and Back to BLOGGER - O.M.G.!!

Hello and yes, call me crazy but after several weeks of deliberating on whether to (at least) move my "blog" back to blogger, it's been officially done.  I truly apologize for all of the going back and forth but honeslty, one never knows if something else might work better until you try it, yes?  :D

With that said, my blog has been transitioned back here, however, my portfolio and such will remain where it's currently at.   You'll be able to access my portfolio, studio work, etc still over at

THANK YOU for your patience and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with many of you who were unable to leave comments and engage on the (squ**espa**ce) blog.  lol

I've re-posted my Sunday Sketches artwork for everyone to see here.  WELCOME BACK - to you and me!  OOmwah!

Grab the Sunday Sketches button here.

This week's participants:
Please sign-up below to submit your sketch for this week, which will also allow others to stop and visit.



  1. Thank you and sorry for all the inconvenience you went through moving back. I read the original post yesterday and know you are still not feeling well. However, I'm glad you've been able to be blessed with the ability to continue to create.

  2. A quick cuddle with an animal friend always seems to help - sweet sketch!

  3. She looks warm and cozy with her cute doggie!

  4. How adorable they are indeed, I love the love between them. It shines through so clearly. I'm sorry you're hurting, I hope you'll feel better soon. I'm glad you're trying to take it easy!

  5. I'm sorry you're still having so much pain. I know it must be so frustrating for you to have to limit your activities. Why does healing have to take so long sometimes? I love your sketch. Anything with a dog in it is instant cuteness, of course. :) I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you. Take care and keep drawing!

  6. I hope the hugs give you a boost of energy and relief from the pain. You've gotten so much art and school work done despite the pain that you're an inspiration every day.

    Thank you always for your sweet comments.

  7. so sweet. Love the personalities of your little people you draw.. I am sorry that you are not feeling well today. Hopefully you will get a good night`s sleep and wake up feeling much better!!
    Thanks for all you do to host this Sunday Sketches!!

  8. Very sweet! Hope you're relaxing more and feel better soon!

  9. Oh wow, you have done a lot! Not only moving your blog back (and yes, I agree, I am sometimes like you testing things and processes because one never knows if something else might work better until you try it. And sometimes I also went back :) - but have also drawing this cute little lady with the lovely little dog! They have so much character and I love the colors so much! Have a lovely week and get well soon or at least a little better ...

  10. Welcome back to Blogger! I must admit that I love Blogger even when it has it's glitches on the odd occasion. So sorry that you are still battling pain on a daily basis. I do hope the treatment helps. Rest up and try not to over-do things either because that can often cause flare-ups.

    I love your sketch, especially the expression on the doggy's face. Too cute!

  11. it's true, sometimes you have to try something once to find out if you really like it. so, welcome back to blogger.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  12. p.s., the drawing is adorable!

  13. Hello my friend ;o) Your painting is so cute ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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