Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Across the World

Mr. Toast and I are on our way to London, England for our honeymoon!  We will be visiting his family (his first Christmas with them in 25 years!), as well as having some of our own time to celebrate us and our new life together.  This is my very first time flying abroad, so wish me luck!

We will be posting photos of our journey from time to time, so make sure to visit us here at our new blog, Paper Chains & Bunting.


  1. Oh how wonderful! How great to start off seeing some of his family that he hasn't seen for so long. Bon chance and wonderful voyage to you and Mr. Toast Alexandra!

  2. Have a beautiful time..enjoy the magic!

  3. sending well wishes, thanks for sharing!

  4. Enjoy it, you will love it over here in Europe :) and England is nice.
    Happy Christmas!!


  5. All the best!!! Can wait to see pictures! Big Hugs ;o)

  6. oh this is so so sweet!!! Hope you have the greatest time ever!!! Happy First Christmas as Husband and wife!!! Blessings your way!!!!

  7. Have a safe and wonderful journey and a wonderful christmas time too! I am looking forward to your travel notes ;)
    P.S. The photo is enchanting!

  8. I am so amazed!! I have definitely not been as frequent or constant a participant as 80% of the people on here congratulating y'all on your wonderful step but I still feel amazed and full of wonder that you and Mr Toast got together! I could not necesarily have predicted it, but it is so perfect! I had to fall of the blog universe so this is my first time learning about it and... I wish you all the best ever!! what a great photo too I will make sure I visit the other blog I;m glad you're keeping this one even though it seems he's not keeping his

    1. Thank you, Alicia. I appreciate your warm thoughts and congratulations. But hey...keep an eye out as he's going to re-open Creative Tuesdays! Shhhhhh YOU are the first to hear about it. :D xo

    2. oh YAY!!!! I will be sure to tune in - and to blogging here generally - the other day when I came back i realized how much I'd missed it


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